BlackBerry Bold 9900 & Curve 9360 are MasterCard PayPass-approved

Today’s technology has made many activities we do on a daily basis much easier. Debit cards have made paying for merchandise much faster and efficient for consumers. To continue this drive for simplicity and convenience, MasterCard has come up with a service known as PayPass which makes the payment process even simpler. Now this service has come to smartphones, specifically certain BlackBerry devices. BlackBerry’s Bold 9900 and Curve 9360 are the first phones to be approved to offer users this PayPass service offered by MasterCard.

As a result of this, BlackBerry can provide yet another use for their smartphones. Now, they can be used as mobile wallets and utilize NFC or ‘near field communication’ payment services. NFC makes it possible to conduct simple transactions between two devices that are situated near one another. Currently, BlackBerry smartphones are the only devices meeting requirements for NFC by MasterCard. The certification was granted as these BlackBerry devices were able to meet certain requirements established by MasterCard. These requirements pertained to the functions, operation and security of these devices. With the attainment of this certification, any bank institution that offers MasterCard PayPass can send this to the Sim card of these approved BlackBerry devices.

The NFC technology is helping to even widen the possibilities of tasks for which these smartphones can be used. Now, mobile phones can be used for making payments. This will surely in the future expand the capabilities of these phones even further. BlackBerry hopes to offer even more new experiences for their customers.

MasterCard Worldwide has only certified these BlackBerry devices for mobile payments. Other companies appear poised to permit BlackBerry similar certifications for other payment activities. With more services being added, MasterCard hopes other smartphone makers will follow BlackBerry’s lead in creating mobile devices worthy of certification.