Does The Galaxy Nexus Beat the iPhone 4S?

The Galaxy Nexus is the hottest Android phone to be released in 2011, so naturally both Android and iPhone fans are wondering how the phone compares against Apple's flagship device, the iPhone 4S. Results of tests performed by Gizmodo were actually quite astounding and could have Apple users wondering why their device under-performs when only a few years ago, Apple was leading the pack.

The Galaxy Nexus and the iPhone 4S were put through a rigorous series of benchmark tests in order to determine which device performs well in all situations. The first test performed was the SunSpider Javascript Benchmark, which is important given that both mobile operating systems have their basis in Java. The Nexus scored a 1879 compared to the iPhone 4S's score of 2250, which is very good considering lower speeds are better for this particular test. In layman's terms, this means that web browsing on the Nexus cell phone is much faster than that of the iPhone 4S, with Ice Cream Sandwich beating out iOS 5 in every regard.

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Apple fans can breathe a sigh of collective relief, as in the graphics processing department, the iPhone 4S scored top marks and managed to edge out the Galaxy Nexus. That is not to say that the Nexus didn't perform well, it's just that the iPhone 4S managed to beat it. In this regard, gaming and other graphically intensive programs will run better on the iPhone in comparison to the Nexus, but not by much.

Benchmarking is an important aspect that gives consumers an idea on how well a cell phone compares to others already available on the market. While these numbers make for a great technical overview of the device, high benchmark performance does not always translate to a good user experience. Plenty of phones over the years have benchmarked well, but have had slow and clunky user interfaces that were more than cumbersome to use. Keeping that in mind, remember that the Galaxy Nexus is Google's flagship Android device this year. While holding off from making snap judgments about how the device will perform is definitely the best course of action for consumers, understanding that these benchmarks are a good mark of favor for both Samsung and Google is important as well.

So, when is the Galaxy Nexus hitting shelves in the US? International users have already gotten their hands on Samsung's sweet device, but it looks like those in the United States will have to wait a bit longer. A recent report from Business Insider said that the Galaxy Nexus won't be available to Verizon customers until sometime in December, despite the device being announced in October. There is also no word on how long the Verizon-exclusive period will last, so customers on AT&T and T-Mobile may have a much longer wait ahead of them. Users of Sprint are out of luck, as the Now Network has stated it has no claims to support the Galaxy Nexus despite supporting the previous two Nexus phones.

Overall, the Galaxy Nexus is a surprising contender in this year's phone battles. The iPhone 4S has been the fastest selling iPhone to date, but many more technical minds are less than impressed with the improvements that Apple made to their device. Many expected the iPhone 5 to be announced, which led to a less than tepid reception of the iPhone 4S. This fact, coupled with the fact that the iPhone 4S still does not support 4G and is behind many Android devices has led many iPhone owners to seek refuge in the arms of Google for their mobile needs.

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Google's improvements to Ice Cream Sandwich are one reason why the Galaxy Nexus is so anticipated. The operating system is designed to bring together the best of Gingerbread and Honeycomb releases to make the best unified operating system yet. Many features in Ice Cream Sandwich focus on complaints users have had in the past such as no active data management and better means to ensure apps are closed. With these problems addressed, Google is set to move to the forefront of mobile technology and if Apple doesn't step up their delivery with the next iPhone, they could quickly find themselves becoming irrelevant in a fast paced mobile marketplace that they helped pioneer.

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