iPhone 4S: The Latest Apple Mobile Phone Release

Apple has only recently released its latest mobile phone – the iPhone 4S and already it is causing quite a stir! The phone flew of the shelves after its launch and a waiting list is to be expected!

So what can we expect from the new and improved handset? The answer to this question is a range of high-tech new and exciting features in the shape of a virtual assistant named Siri and an advanced camera.

Users now no longer need worry about roaming charges abroad with the help of iChat. iChat in fact allows the user to send picture messages, video and content to any acquaintances with an iPhone. The new software means that users only require a WiFi connection in order to conduct such content.

Siri, the virtual assistant, is a great new tool for those that love to keep their lives in order but often find they don’t have the time! Users can now schedule appointments and meetings by quite simply speaking into the handset. Just as the above can be conducted, so can text messages and Web searches.

This is a great idea for those that are constantly on the go. They no longer need to stop and spend time creating such content; they can instead quite simply state it to their phone, who will then do all the hard work for them.

The iPhone 4S handset is as contemporary in style as ever and doesn’t really look any different from the Apple iPhone 4. Maybe this is because Apple has big changes in mind for the Apple iPhone 5 handset, we will have to wait and see! However, this is likely to be for some time as this particular model won’t be launched for a while yet.

The handset has a range of other quirky features and the new software makes the layout and running of the phone quite spectacular; if you are working on something else such as taking a photo for example, the iPhone will inform you of an incoming call or message without disrupting your camera skills! It is then up to the user to decide whether to respond to this incoming notification.