Samsung Galaxy Nexus

For many months the famous Samsung Galaxy S2 has been recognized as the best smartphone ever by many and one of the top 5 smartphones of 2011 with its powerful processor, slim and stylish design and cool features. But now it seems like it’s going by the wayside, giving way to a new smartphone designed by the same Samsung in cooperation with Google – the Galaxy Nexus, which sports even better features and the newest version of Android OS – Ice Cream Sandwich.

The only question is – when will this Samsung Galaxy Nexus be released? Though there were some official dates, now it seems like the phone is surrounded by an aura of uncertainty. Only O2 UK has confirmed that they’ll start selling the phone on November 17, which actually is the official launch date Samsung had announced, and which is… tomorrow! As for the other mobile operators, nothing is known about them for certain yet. It seems like Orange and T-Mobile won’t even be selling the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus, at least directly, and Vodafone just said it’ll sell the smartphone but can’t announce any availability date at all. Three has stated November 18 as the Galaxy Nexus’s release date noting that it’s not confirmed yet.

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Some online retailers have also said they’ll have the SIM-free version of Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus: Clove has mentioned November 23 as the launch date. Amazon said the phone will come to them on December 2, while Expansys mentioned December 1. Other retailers like Phones 4U or Carphone Warehouse couldn’t give any actual release date or any other info about the phone.

As we can see, nothing is clear about the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus – probably the most powerful upcoming smartphone with the most advanced software from Google. The closest launch date stated is tomorrow, so let’s wait for a day and see if it will really be launched by O2 UK. As for the price, seems like the UK mobile operators will offer the device for free with rather affordable contracts – though the phone isn’t launched yet, there are already many similar Samsung Galaxy Nexus deals available.

Meanwhile, there is another interesting question that worries many of us – when will the phone be launched in other countries? How much will Samsung fans in the U.S. and Asia have to wait? Samsung, can you tell us this?