4 Terabyte Hard Drives Announced by Hitachi

Hitachi has announced pricing and availability for their 4 terabyte internal and external hard drives. The 4TB Hitachi Deskstar 5K4000 requires special software so that Windows, Apple and Linux can see it correctly. I hope the software doesn't provide an overlay to make the systems see the hard drive because I remember how painful that was. The drive is a bit slow running at 5900rpm. You can also get this drive as an external with USB 3.0 to help with the transfers of the massive amounts of data that can be saved on the drive. You also get 3GB of cloud storage for anyone who purchases the drive. The Deskstar is supposedly available now for $399.99, but I couldn't find it by searching Google. The external Touro drive will be available in January at a cost of $419.99.

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