All I want for Christmas is an eReader!

Oh, what to give! So many options, especially when it comes to eReaders. Last year you had the choice of the NOOK, the Kindle and the iPad. Now there are six Kindle eReaders alone!

Before you go out and buy one of these babies for gifting to yourself and others, you should go out to a store and take some eReaders for a test drive. You want to get a feel of what the screen can deliver and, if your eyes can handle it.

If you want to go with the lower end readers, Kindle has one for $79 but there are ads you have to deal with. An ad free version is $109. Another option is the $99 Kobo Wifi. It?s similar to the Kindle as both need buttons to turn pages but a better deal maybe the $99 Nook or Simple Touch by Barnes & Noble which has a touch screen to get those pages turning. Oh, and the Barnes & Noble NOOKS don’t have any ads. The Sony Reader is on sale through Christmas Eve for $99 and also has a touch screen and a stylus.

Regarding middle of the road eReaders there is the Amazon Kindle Touch which is $99 with ads and $139 without ads. You can also buy a version with 3G for $149 (with ads) and $189 (without ads). What makes the 3G Touch good is you don’t have to be on any kind of network when you want to browse or buy new books. But if you want to browse the web you have to go for an eReader/tablet like the NOOK color, $199 and $249.

If you want to go for the gusto the Kindle Fire is on fire. It is only $199 and users have the option of buying books, video and music and browsing the web. Its a good deal!

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