Crypteks Davinci Code inspired USB Drive

This is a DaVinci Code Inspired usb drive made by Cryptek. The drive is made from a solid-aluminum alloy cylinder. In order to access the drive you need to know your 5 digit code which will then allow you to plug the drive into a usb port. There are 14,348,0907 possible combinations so it is pretty secure. After you get beyond the 5 digit code to plug the drive in you will also need to know the secondary password which is 256-bit AES hardware encrypted.

When the Crypteks usb drive comes out it will be available in 4, 8, and 16GB capacities. The drive should be out in time for the holidays and should retail for $130 for the 8GB and $160 for the 16GB versions. You can pre-order yours from Crypteks Kickstarter page.