Goodnews click News Aggregators

goodnews click aggregators

Goodnews click News Aggregators

Good News click news aggregators is a social news and rss feed aggregator. You can choose from their predefined set of news in the app or get news from RSS feeds, Twitter, OPML and your local news in one page of your browser. You can change the layout so it is blog style, magazine style or several other styles to suit your taste.

The software reminds me of Pulse on the iPad. Goodnoows says it is best used in Google Chrome although it will work in other browsers. You can sign in with your Google, Facebook, Twitter or Linked in accounts, so you don’t need to create a special account. I was looking for a news aggregator for Windows and this one fits the bill nicely.

I have an iPad with Pulse, but I also have a Windows computer that needed a news aggregator. I tried Feedly on my Windows tablet, but It wasn’t as easy to setup using touch. Both News Aggregators and Feedly look better than Google Reader which I use also. They are all free so give them a try.

Video Demo of Goodnoows