The Best TV Channels for Pleasing Your Inner Geek

If you like to nerd out in front of the TV during downtime, you may find that you waste time trying to find the right show amongst all the reality programs and soap operas. Keep reading for suggestions on shows and channels that will fulfill your nerd needs:

The Discovery Channel

This one is pretty much a given. You can find programs nearly any time of day on The Discovery Channel that are not only entertaining but also educational. Take Mythbusters for example. Watching the show’s stars implement science to explore myths is a great way to learn, and if you’re lucky, you may get to see an explosion or two. If you like trivia, try Cash Cab. In the mood for adventure? Catch an intense episode of Man Vs. Wild and learn survival tactics from Bear Grylls.

The SyFy Channel

Who can resist the engaging mix of quality Science Fiction films and cheesy budget Sci-Fi? Although artistic merit may lack on a budget, you can’t deny the satisfaction of watching a giant insect-like creature from outer space ooze all over its victims. In the mood for something spooky? Catch an episode of Ghost Hunters. On certain days you can also catch a horror film or showing of Star Wars, Alien, or other undeniable classics. Either way, SyFy is a great default channel for reveling in your geekdom.

Author’s Bio: Corissa likes to snag money saving Dell coupons and stay informed about the latest technology. She is a guest writer from the Blog Content Guild and digs video games.