Western Digital and Seagate warranty check and warranties

Seagate and Western Digital are reducing hard drive warranties for hard drives shipped next year.

Check your Seagate warranty.

Check your Western Digital warranty.

Now is the time to buy hard drives to get your warranties locked in.

The Western Digital Scorpio Blue, Green and Caviar Blue will be available with only a two year warranty rather than the current three year warranty. WD will however allow you to have a better warranty if you would like to pay an additional fee.

The Seagate Barracuda XT, ES.2, Constellation 2, and Momentus XT hard drives ship with an awesome 5 year warranty. However in 2012 the warranties are expected to drop to three years. Most of Seagate’s hard drive lines are also seeing warranty cuts. The less expensive Barracuda, Barracuda Green and the 2.5-inch Momentus hard drives will ship with only a 12 months warranty.

These warranty changes are probably as a result of the flooding in Thailand which caused prices to soar. Maybe eventually prices will drop, but I doubt that warranties will ever creep up again.

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