10 Best Travel Gadgets

The top 10 travel gadgets always seem to have a few repeats that keep improving and cannot seem do without. From the water purifier to the solar powered devices, people departing on travel vacations have a few options to select from.

1. CamelBak All Clear UV Water Purification System. CamelBak has a new water purification system that produces 0.75 liters safe drinking water in less than a minute. The device uses a high powered ultraviolet light to purify water of impurities such as bacteria, viruses and protozoa. The UV light can produce three liters of water for seven years.

2. Portable Water Purifiers. Consumers should purchase effective water purifiers to remove bacteria and parasites. Iodine based water tablets are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Electronic water purifiers are preferred for rendering potable water in minutes. These purifiers are inexpensive and highly portable.

3. USB Rechargeable Batteries. The USB rechargeable battery set will help user recharge their DVDs. The batteries can be recharged and reused without purchasing new ones. Solar battery chargers are also useful when taking backpacking trips. Phone battery extenders are also useful in camping situations or long road trips.

4. Solar Powered BackPack. The solared powered back pack captures the sun’s rays as you are walking and viewing the sites. The back pack may be used in the city or the open countryside as an alternative energy source.

5. Stash Sandals. Stash sandals are the perfect beach companion. No one wants to carry a bulky bag with them at all times. These sandals have a secret compartment to store credit cards, cash and other small items that you may need while having a good time at an amusement park or a beach.

6. Multifunctional USB Key. Users with multifunctional USB keys have multiple uses that may be beneficial to people traveling. Some multifunctional USB keys include additional tools such as pens and LED lights. Knives and scissors may also be present. For the protection of the consumer, some multifunctional USB keys feature password protection. This protects the user’s information if the device is lost. The device may also be waterproof if submersed while hiking or backpacking.

7. WiFi Modem. Unfortunately, there is a huge problem at hotels where people use the hotel Internet to spy on their neighbors information. To circumvent this problem, purchase your own Wifi modem and connect your smartphone or notebook computer to the device.

8. Electronic Multi Language Translator Apps. As you travel the world, it is important to know the local language. Internet translators are expensive. A multi lingual solution will help you communicate with the locals in as many as 12 different languages.

9. Energizer Carabiner LED Area Tent Light. This light will fit comfortably on a key chain and can provide some lighting in a precarious situation.

10. Joby Obus. This egg-shaped lamp is made of acrylic glass and will provide a significant amount of light. The beam of light will last for 40,000 hours which is almost 25 years. For only $200, this device is a must have for adventurous campers.

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