5 Features for the Asus Transformer Prime Tablet

Asus Transformer Prime is likely to be very popular in the coming days. With the introduction of this laptop, many of you are planning to get away with your bulky old laptop. Here we discuss some compelling reasons behind opting for Asus Transformer Laptop.

Longevity of battery
One important feature of ASUS Transformer Prime laptop is its battery life. With conventional laptop battery life only lasts around 5 hours at most. This is the main reason why tablets with mobile operating systems are becoming increasingly popular. ASUS Transformer laptop battery lasts for around 9.5 hours. This is a huge benefit to the user. Battery life can be extended to 18 hours once this is connected to its keyboard dock.

Portability of the laptop
The ASUS Transformer Prime measures in at 10.35 x 7.12 x 0.33 and its weight is barely 1.29 pounds. The ASUS Transformer laptop – tablet has a 1280 x 800 and 10-inch display. The laptop splits apart and becomes a tablet as well as a laptop.

Good processing speed
ASUS Transformer laptop has a powerful 1.3-GHz quad-core Tegra 3 processor by Nvidia. This is for the first time that a quad-core is being used in a tablet. The Android operated software of this laptop has not been optimized to make full use of its processor power.

Flexibility of use
It is very difficult to create content on tablets, they are mostly used as a content consumption device. The only option is usually an onscreen keyboard which makes it tough for many of you to use tablet. However, this problem has been solved with the ASUS Transformer laptop as it comes with a physical keyboard. Apart from physical keyboard, the dock also contains a USB port, card reader and a touch pad. All these features are will make it very user friendly and of course very popular.

Embedded with smart software
ASUS Transformer laptop is embedded with some smart softwares. Cloud based applications such as Google Docs or Office 365 are available in this device.

All of these smart and user friendly features are likely to make ASUS Transformer laptop a major hit in the coming days.

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