5 Gadgets for Weight Loss

Sometimes we need a little help and that couldn't be any truer of a statement when it comes to weight loss. Gadgets often offer the incentive we need to get moving. Here are just five gadgets to help kickstart your weight loss.

Ormon Body Fat Monitor and Scale – $44.99

There are a number of great reasons to buy one of these scales. First of all, you can monitor the entire family's weight (up to 4 people). It also measures weight, body mass index and body fat percentage. Some models of this scale even give the resting metabolism of the user.

BodyMedia FIT CORE Weight Management System – $149.99

Hate the idea of trying to keep track of how many calories you've burned? The BodyMedia FIT CORE Weight Management System does all the work for you. All you have to do is slip the band on your arm and it will track all the calories burned whether you're grocery shopping or walking.

Wii Cyberbike – $199

If you're the type that loves to workout with video games, you are going to love the Cyberbike. The Cyberbike allows you to use your power to win the game. In racing games that come with the accessory and other video games, such as Mario Kart, the faster you peddle, the faster your character goes. It even let's you set goals based on calories burned, time and distance.

ProForm 505 CST Treadmill – $599

Want a killer treadmill without paying over $1,000, then ProForm may be the answer to your prayers. The ProForm 505 CST Treadmill comes complete with built-in apps, a surround sound system, iPod port and an extra long treadmill path measuring 20 x 50 inches. Best of all, it costs less than $600.

IPhone/IPod – $199 to $399

While this purchase can get quite pricy, it doesn't have to. An 8GB iPod Touch will do what you need, for less than $200. With an iPod Touch, you can download a number of free weight loss and fitness apps. You can also hook your iPod up to certain exercise equipment to track your fitness.

These gadgets can be a bit pricy, but they do make the process of weight loss easier and a bit more enjoyable. Best of all, these are gadgets that offer a big bang for the buck. Whether it's a treadmill with a built-in sound system or a scale that gives you more information that most, these gadgets will get you moving in the right direction.

About the Author: Douglass Shamel is an EKG technician and a nutritionist who loves helping people find ways to lose weight. He knows that using gadgets to hold yourself accountable is, for some, the only way to go!

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