Music in the Shower

I currently have an AM/FM radio that I listen to while taking a shower. I stumbled across the new iShower which might fit my needs perfectly. This is a waterproof (I would hope so) Bluetooth enabled shower speaker that has 200-foot wireless range and can stream from any Bluetooth device. I wonder if Apple has anything to do with this. (probably not) Apple gets a little upset when businesses use the “i” before anything.

The iShower can also be used outside and by the pool while you leave your bluetooth enabled device far enough away to not get wet. The device has pause, play, forward, and rewind functions along with volume controls. The three AA batteries are good for 15 hours of streaming.

The iShower also has a clock on it and needs no tools to install. The device is easy to remove so you can take it out of the shower when needed. It can also be fitted with an anti-fog shower mirror. The device sells for $99.99 and is available now.