The Years Most Unused Christmas Presents

Christmas is a time of giving and receiving, but now January is here, what happens to all of those gifts that we didn’t really want? Every year we all receive one present that we would be quite happy without, and have to smile sweetly whilst moving on swiftly to the next giftt.

MyVoucherCodes have carried out a survey in which 48% of of participants admitted that this Christmas they received a gift that they still haven’t even used. Below are this year’s most unused presents, and considering their cost, there’s a few surprises.

Amazon Kindle

22% of participants who had an unused present said it was an Amazon Kindle. Of those, half hadn’t even downloaded any books onto it. This is quite surprising, as there’s no denying the Kindle is a great product. The fantastic thing about the Kindle is the e-ink display, which should appeal to those who don’t like reading from a screen, as it feels exactly like reading a real book.

However, when you purchase a kindle it comes with nothing to read except a user manual. Therefore to be able to use it, you have to set up an Amazon account, input your billing details and pay to download the books. From there it takes seconds to download a new book, but many people may be put off by the initial setup and cost, especially so soon after christmas.

Apple iPad

9% of the people who hadn’t used a present said it was an Apple iPad. This is quite understandable, as Apple products have as many critics as they have fans. The thought of having to use an iPad may be quite daunting to people who are used to Microsoft PCs and Android phones.

Many people also disagree over the relevance of tablet computers. Some say there’s no need for the middle ground between a phone and a laptop. The product does appeal to a lot of people, but it’s hardly pocket sized and the small screen couldn’t replace a computer monitor. The iPad also may not appeal to people who bring their laptop everywhere with them anyway, where it would just be another thing to carry around which is less powerful.

MP3 Players

14% of those who hadn’t used one of their presents claimed it was an mp3 player. Similarly to the Amazon Kindle, the main reason given was that they hadn’t downloaded anything onto it yet. Transferring your music to an mp3 player, especially if it isn’t stored on your computer, can be very time consuming, and it seems that many people still haven’t had the time.

Why Aren’t They Being Used?

It seems that all of the products being left unused are just remaining that way because they require some kind of initial setup. If they are a gift then the receiver may not have heard much about the benefits of the product before, which wouldn’t motivate them to get it set up. There’s no denying that they’re all good products, many people can’t live without their Kindle, iPad, or mp3 player. Maybe these results just show that when you get somebody a gift next Christmas, you should help them set it up too.

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