Manage all of your social media accounts with these 3 tools

Social media has dominated the world of internet. Almost all the users of web have accounts over all the popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. These social media sites help you to stay in touch with your friends and family and even help you to remain updated about the current trends and happenings. Hence at times, it becomes difficult to manage multiple accounts. So if you are looking for any better way to manage a these different social media accounts, you are at the right place. The following are the top tools to manage your different social media account with ease and comfort. Let’s have a look at these three tools:

Alternion: This is a great tool to manage your number of networks and social profiles. You can also manage things like bookmarking, blogging, image sharing and even shopping. Alternion is among the best tools to manage all your accounts as compared to any other dashboard tool.

If you have accounts at places like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, WordPress, StumbleUpon, Digg, Vimeo, Delicious and other places for your business and marketing thing, then consider Alternion. Also, it takes care of your privacy to a great extent having even the sharing options available for every linked account. Hence it’s up to you whether you want to show your link at any particular place and avoid doing so at the other account; it goes as per your wish. You will find three main viewing options in Alternion like, social news feed, messages and contacts.

The social news feed pulls the updates from all our social media accounts, the messages helps you to interact with your different email accounts and contacts, thus helps to manage people in your network. Another interesting feature of Alternion is that it has the ability to edit your Twitter or Facebook lists along with creating completely new lists within your contacts tab. It has many more interesting features in it.

LiveGo:(Closed) This tool focuses on limited number of popular social network places including the Facebook and Twitter. You can also club your e-mail accounts and access different messengers like Gtalk and AOL instant messenger. You can find various viewing options which help you get an overall picture of your social networking activities at one glance.

The view of standard inbox displays your email inbox right at the top along with social networks feed just below this. You can find the instant message accounts at the right side over the sidebar which can hide while not in use, thus allowing you with more space for other things. To the left, you have different buttons for your various accounts. A popup menu makes things easy when you want to switch to any particular feed. You will find a constant update box at the top of the screen which helps you to update any of your social media network with lots of comfort and ease. You can find some interesting features like; the tool has the capacity of adding special characters (heart, arrow, music notes etc.) to your number of updates. Another cool feature is the automatic compilation of updates from the same person.

Netvibes:This can be called more of a monitoring dashboard rather than an integrated updating tool. You can add a number of social networking accounts like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace along with various e-mail accounts. It gives you a nice overview of your networks. However, Netyibes focuses more on monitoring your brand across the internet rather than communication. It has a capacity to manage separately all your different areas of work in separate dashboards. Hence you can easily manage and monitor all your personal and professional accounts along with others brands you handle. You can add widgets like calculator or to do list in every dashboard view as per your requirements as HTML or standard text widgets. Every widget for your social media accounts gives you a standard functionality like comments, replies, re-tweeting and other sharing choices. One interesting feature which is only found in Netyibes is the incorporation of RSS feeds; this helps you get an overview of all the recent happening and headlines. By clicking these links, you can even read the complete article. This tool gives you a number of options for personalization with wide range of themes and color choices for every different widget.

If you are looking to manage your different social networking accounts along with other things, you have the option open to choose from any of the above three discussed tool. So whichever suits you and suffice your requirements, have them at your desktop and enjoy managing different social media accounts with simplicity and ease.

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