Should you spy on someone with MSN Sniffers

Spying on your loved ones with MSN Sniffer and similar applications might not be an idea that you relish but it might be necessary for finding out the answers that they will not give you.  Like most computer monitoring applications, MSN Sniffer Software will secretly record activities and send the information to a user account for later analysis.  Here are some of the specific functions of MSN Sniffer:

  • Monitor of All Sent and Received Instant Messages
  • Monitor and Record All Voice Calls
  • Exposing of an Entire Social Network

Instant Message Monitoring

With MSN Sniffer, you will be able to uncover the mystery behind all of the messages that your loved ones are sending and receiving.   The MSN Sniffer Software can even capture deleted messages because all incoming and outgoing IM’s are immediately copied and sent to the user account.  However, this technology will not capture any ideas or messages that were deleted before the person hit “enter”.  You would need a keystroke logger function to record those unsent messages and MSN Sniffer Software does not include this feature.

VOIP Recording

If your loved one uses MSN Voice to make calls over the Internet, then you will never be able to see who they were calling because no traditional record exists.  And unless you use MSN Sniffer Software, your loved one will even be able to delete the call log in MSN.  But once installed, MSN Sniffer captures every incoming and outgoing VOIP and makes a recording of them for you to listen to from your user account.

Uncovers True Inner Circle of Contacts

Privacy settings and other MSN Messenger features can be used to hide contacts and other information from anyone trying to monitor activities.  But once MSN Sniffer Software is engaged, you can view all contact information and posts including the names and info. your loved one tries to keep hidden!

But even with these capabilities, MSN Sniffer is not the end all be all of computer monitoring security. If you are looking to explore Internet monitoring and security beyond just MSN Messenger, then you need an application that includes

Call Recording for MSN, Skype and Yahoo:   Capture VOIP’s on all the most popular platforms including Skype, Yahoo, and MSN.

  • Screen Shots: Enable your computer to take automatic screen shots every time that an application is open or a new website is visited.
  • Keystroke Logging: Find out what keys are being pressed on the keyboard including deleted posts and unsaved information that would normally be untraceable using MSN Sniffer alone.
  • Remote Microphone Activation: Turn on your computer’s microphone remotely and use the tool to monitor what is happening surrounding the computer, including phone calls.

    While MSN Sniffer Software is ideal for keeping tabs on someone’s activities in MSN Messenger, you need more tools to monitor more activities so be sure to do your homework before purchasing any PC Monitoring application.

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