Why you should consider the Nokia Lumia 900

The flagship of the Finnish handset maker, Nokia, is the Nokia Lumia 900. This phone was released in January 2012 and is already causing stirs in the market. Most individuals are aware of the Lumia 800. If you liked the 800 version, the Nokia Lumia 900 will certainly live up to expectations. To simply put it, the Lumia 900 is an improvement of the previous 800 version. They are several individuals that have not found any convincing reason as to why they should go ahead and get this version. If you are among such individuals, there are quite a number of reasons that will certainly convince you.

General appearance
First of all, the Nokia Lumia 900 is a very attractive and comes in either black or cyan color. The body has been made such that it is very curvy. This comes in handy when handling the phone since it will be much easier.

The processing power of Nokia Lumia 900
The sheer processing power that the handset will put in your hands is quite impressive. Although there are several handsets that have decided to venture into the dual core CPUs, Nokia decided to stick to a single 1.4 GHz Scorpion processor. The GPU that power the phone is Adreno 205 whereas the chipset is Qualcomm. With such power, you are sure that the Nokia Lumia 900 will neither be slow nor keep hanging because of being overwhelmed.

Operating system
One of the phone’s operating systems that have been around for quite some time now is Windows Mobile. It is this very same operating system that powers this Nokia Lumia 900. The version that is being used is the Windows 7.5 Mango second release. It is this second release that has made it possible for the phone to be able to support the LTE 700 and LTE 400 networks. With the LTE connectivity, one gets to enjoy downlink speeds of up to 50 Mbps and downlink speeds of 25 Mbps.

Just in case you get bored or you a fan of mobile games, Nokia has taken that into account. They decide to partner with Electronic Arts sports to create twenty very awesome games that are exclusively for the Nokia Lumia 900. In case you are wondering whether they will fit into the memory, don’t worry. Although it does not support removable memory, it has got an internal memory of 16 GB. This should certainly be enough to carry all the music, videos, photos and even games that you like.

The Lumia 900 display
Another reason why you should get the Nokia Lumia 900 is because of the display that it has got. They went with AMOLED which is one of the best displays that are there in the market as of now. It supports 16M colors and the screen resolution is 480×800. The display size is 4.3 inches that it is approximately 217 pixels per inch. To offer this delicate screen protection, it has corning Gorilla glass.

Battery Life
The battery of the Nokia Lumia 900 is non removable. It is 1830 mAh meaning that it can stand-by for 12 days, give you a talk time of 7 hours and music playback of sixty hours.
That’s why you should get the Nokia Lumia 900.

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