BioShock Infinite : Heavy Hitters Trailers 1 & 2 Released (videos)

Irrational Games has released a series of new videos that will provide an inside look into some of the harder bad guys you will come across in their upcoming BioShock Infinite game which is expected to launch in October 2012. The new video shows a glimpse of a “clockwork terminator” style big hitter within BioShock Infinite called the motorizied patriot. Looks like a good game, I own the 1st 2 games so I will probably end up getting this one also. But, if Diablo 3 comes out then I will be spending quite a bit of time with that.

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Heavy Hitters 1

“In this second episode of our Heavy Hitter series, we go back to the very first enemy most fans saw in the BioShock Infinite announcement trailer: the powerful, gigantic yet agile Handyman. Man? Machine? Hand model? “

Heavy Hitters 2