Set Up the Ultimate Home Apple Suite

Ultimate Home Apple Suite

Apple products are in a league of their own in many ways, and there are many great advantages to using Apple products over a range of other manufacturers. On the one hand they are incredibly well designed with a great looking interface and with an operating system that rarely goes wrong. As well as the attractive software though you also get a great looking selection of hardware complete with glossy white finishes and curved edges. At the same time the specs on some Apple devices are impressively high, and they are renowned for their crystal clear screens. They never go wrong and you won’t need to worry about error messages as you do with Windows, and they all integrate seamlessly as they have all been designed to be used flawlessly together.

As such once you have one Apple product it’s not unusual to find yourself wanting more, and to invest in a selection of different devices that can all be used together in order to set yourself up with a perfect Apple suit. Here’s how to do it.

Your Computer

First of all you will need to invest in the computer to be the central hub of your Apple kingdom. Make sure you spend some money and get a powerful unit as this will likely be the most expensive and you may as well ensure it lasts.

However if you don’t want to have one of the huge Mac computers, then you could instead consider getting a MacBook Pro – a highly powerful laptop with the power to play high end games and run multiple programmes at once while still being very light and portable meaning you can take it away from your Apple ‘hub’ should you need to.

Your Monitor

Of course you might miss the thought of having one of the huge screens that come with the Apple Mac computers. Fear not! If you instead invest in a large monitor on its own, or in a high definition TV (the sky is the limit here really), then you can use a HDMI cable in order to connect the two and this way work from not one but two monitors. This gives you that huge screen real estate and incredibly high definition for watching DVDs, and high def downloads, but it also has the added bonus of allowing you to work from both screens at once – for instance loading up a website on the TV for research and then doing your word processing on the MacBook itself.

Your Control

The downside to that is that you will have to sit at the laptop and then crane your neck to look at the big TV screen – right? Or face sitting too close and getting square eyes? Well not quite – if you invest in a portable keyboard, and perhaps games controller – or if you download a controller for your phone or tablet (onto those in a minute) – then you will be able to recline on your couch and use your set up as though it were an impressive media center or a games console.

Your Tablet and Phone

Of course the Apple product that currently has everyone exciting (other than all of them that is…) is the iPad. With an iPad you will be able to take our work away with you in an even more portable way – which will let you play games on the train, read books in Cafes and generally experience powerful computing no matter where you are. And then why not go the full hog and get an iPhone as well? This way you’ll be able to sync the same apps etc again. Get a docking station for each, and when you’re not using them your three Apple products can look like a display in one of the Apple stores and compliment each other perfectly. And with iCloud, or the downloadable app ‘Dropbox’ you can even share files between them on the move.

If Batman had a regular computer, he’d probably go for an Apple… Called the BatMac…

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