5 Incredibly Expensive, Cool And Strange Gadgets

We all know that life is expensive and there are many objects of luxury, such as cars, houses and yachts that have massive price tags, but in this article we don’t look at these grand objects but rather some strange and expensive gadgets and even appliances that have exorbitant prices attached to them. From Ferrari Segway to a diamond surveillance camera, enjoy the strange, wonderful and expensive.

5 Insanely Priced, Most Expensive And Cool Gadgets In The World  

1. Swarovski encrusted surveillance camera

Security and luxury are two words that are not usually synonymous with one another but in terms of this cool and expensive gadget it fits perfectly. This Swarovski surveillance camera boats 600 sparkling crystals and will set you back a pretty penny; $2,015. Apart from this bling adding some dazzle to your house, it will keep an eye on its surroundings at the same time, not that it blends in at all with its surroundings.

2. Ferrari Segway

A segway is a mechanical, upright commutation device and Ferrari has come out with a limited addition segway to top the rest. This two wheel expensive and cool gadget and the most expensive segway in the world will glide you through your office or streets and one charge can go up to 480 city blocks. This nifty gadget will cost you $9,775.00.

3. The iphone diamond rose

The iphone is already know to be one of the most expensive mobile phone gadgets in the world and now the limited addition diamond rose has topped the charts. This diamond and crystal coated phone has been designed by Stuart Hughes that has also used top class leather in its design. This object of pure indulgence costs an insane and whopping £5,000,000.00.

4. Diamond encrusted vacuum cleaner

Cleaning has never been so glamorous than with extremely expensive and somewhat cool gadget, a vacuum cleaner to be exact. This vacuum cleaner is encrusted with 3730 highly priced Swarovski crystals. It has been recorded in the Guinness Book Of World Records as the most expensive vacuum cleaner in the world and is priced at a cool £13,825.

5. Kohler Numi Toilet

If you are one who loves their bathroom and spending time in this elusive room than the Numi toilet is for you. This expensive gadget offers all the style and luxury one would want while ‘doing their business’ in the bathroom. The toilet is equipped with a seat and foot warmer, speakers, a self opening door and a dryer. This expensive gadget will set you back a pretty $6,390.     




Jemma Scott enjoys writing about top expensive lists, her inspiration for this article came from coming into contact with the diamond encrusted vacuum while shopping for a steam mop and cyclonic vacuum cleaner.   

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