Is residential demand for high speed internet connection mainly due to online video watching?

For internet users worldwide, the advent of high-speed connection has been the greatest development in the history of the worldwide web. High-speed connection has reinvented the computer into a multimedia tool of almost limitless possibilities. Because of high-speed internet, we can access everything from news clips to concert performances in continuous live streaming.

In assessing the value of ultra-fast connection provided by carriers such as Time Warner internet, it’s safe to say that a large percentage of high-speed users are avid online video watchers. The technology of instant connectivity has taken online video to a level that would have been unthinkable a mere five years ago.

In the early days of mainstream residential internet use, online video was primarily restricted to commercials and promotional clips for TV shows. For many of today’s users, the computer has virtually taken the place of the traditional household television set. Increasingly, the home computer is also taking the place of DVD players, thanks to the popularity of video-on-demand services, which have been greatly boosted by the new high-speed technologies.

The Advent of YouTube

Another important factor in the online video phenomenon has been the creation of YouTube. With YouTube, the era of instant video gratification was born. Anyone with access to a video camera can immediately post a video that, within a minute or two, can be seen by anyone with internet plans access, anywhere in the world. It’s a staggering thought, but this instant video connectivity to the rest of the world is all due to high-speed connection. Additionally, there are now a large number of software installations that facilitate live streaming video.

Video-on-Demand Services

Because of high-speed internet, video-on-demand formats have also become extremely popular. Retailers report that, within the last year or two, DVD sales have been affected because an increasing number of users have come to prefer using an internet streaming format for movies, TV shows and concerts. At this point, it’s impossible to predict what the outcome will be for the DVD market, but it’s a pretty sure bet that internet video streaming will continue to increase in popularity and video-on-demand carriers will continue to have an increased demand for their services.

Business Applications

It’s sometimes easy to think of online video as an avenue primarily for entertainment purposes, but the online video boom has greatly influenced the way that many companies do business today. In recent years, the number of work-at-home jobs has greatly increased and it’s arguable that this number has also been boosted because of high-speed internet connection. Thanks to this technology, many people can do their jobs just as effectively at home. Additionally, companies are able to produce video content for their home-based employees that can be viewed in live streaming so that employees can attend meetings taking place thousands of miles away. Employee training has also been greatly facilitated and full-length training videos can now be uploaded and accessed immediately by staff members.

Most remarkable of all is the fact that high-speed internet is still in its infancy. Not only will speeds get faster; connectivity will also improve. The good news is that as the internet’s video capabilities continue to grow, the accessibility of high-speed and Wi-Fi connectivity will likewise expand to keep up with faster connection speeds. For those using Time Warner internet, the online video revolution is just beginning.

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