Mobile App Testing Takes Development To The Next Level

There was a time when cell phones were just used to make phone calls. Today, cell phone technology has developed into a veritable extension of our computers. We’re able to receive and send emails, surf the web and perform a majority of the functions our computers can handle. All of that power fits right into the palm of your hand. Beyond the practical applications, there is also a wide range of games, movie viewing, music playback and other research tools that have been developed as mobile applications. The mobile application industry can be very lucrative, and a company that lands on the next great idea could make a fortune. Make no mistake: this is an extremely competitive marketplace with literally hundreds of new applications being uploaded every single day. In order to maximize the potential for success, you should consider the following helpful hints.

The first area you need to think about is screen resolution for your app. Just as there are many user apps coming onto the market, there are many different types of cell phones all vying for attention. Each one of these unique cell phones will have its own distinct display screen and resolution features. It's hard to make an app that will be perfect across the board for all of those cell phones. Therefore, you need to think about reducing the amount of information you are putting within your app so as to minimize the need for premium screen resolution.

What About The Color Schemes?

The same principle applies to your color schemes. The next generation of cell phones will be using LCD screens, which can display the most vibrant colors, especially with movie playback. There is a temptation on the part of some mobile application programmers to go beyond the primary colors and utilize nuanced shades. The concern with that approach is the use. You can’t always guarantee that your application will be used under premium lighting conditions. That's why it's a better choice to use high contrast color schemes that will make your widgets stand out as opposed to items that might be vaguely outlined. A competent use of the TouchTest mobile app testing services will reveal any faults in your choice of resolution or color.

Even though consumers like to buy a mobile phone that has plenty of features, they don't often end up utilizing all their buttons and functions. That's why whatever application you're developing should be as simplified as possible. The less “fingerwork” involved, the better for use.

All of these issues can be understood through a proper use of CloudTest load testing tools. For instance, the TouchTest mobile app testing program will put an application through a wide array of user scenarios. These will include various lighting conditions and functionality tests. As easy as it is for a user to download an application, it is just as simple for them to remove that same application if they find it difficult to use. You can insulate your application by putting CloudTest load testing tools to work.

SOASTA performance test is known for its quality and speed. Mobile app testing with TouchTest™ Technology allows real-time correlationg and analysis of data in order to find and fix problems.

SOASTA provides  service for CloudTest Performance TestingMobile App testing with TouchTest™ Technology allows real-time correlationg and analysis of data in order to find and fix problems.

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