Top 3 Cordless Headset Systems for your Office

Cordless headsets for office phones increase productivity and mobility with hands free communications. Using a cordless headset will help you save time in the office by helping you multi-task while talking on the phone. Wireless DECT 6.0 Technology features roaming ranges up to 450 feet allowing users to be more mobile. Throughout this blog we will uncover the top 3 wireless headsets available today.

Plantronics CS540
The number one cordless headset system available is the Plantronics CS540 with HL10 lifter. The Plantronics HL10 lifter is included to ensure remote answering allowing users to answer calls while away from their desk. Including a convertible design the CS540 includes over the headset and over the ear wearing styles with an optional behind the neck sold separately. Operating on 1.9 Ghz frequency using wireless DECT 6.0 technology, the Plantronics CS540 has a roaming range up to 350 feet. Built in noise canceling works great in loud call centers as it will block out most unwanted ambient background noise. Conference mode allows connecting three additional cordless headset systems in order to create a private conference. The CS540 is designed for desk phones only and works with most office telephones.

Plantronics W745 wireless headset system
Coming in close second is the Plantronics W745 wireless headset system with HL10 lifter. The W745 delivers hands free mobility for your desk phone, USB computer and Bluetooth cell phones. Don’t worry about switching headsets for your Bluetooth, now use a single cordless headset for all of your communication devices. A convertible three in one design is included with over the ear, over the head and behind the neck wearing styles. Compact and lightweight, the W745 ensures comfort and quality with built in noise cancellation. Included with the Plantronics W745 cordless headset is a spare battery and battery charger. These accessories are included to take advantage of the hot swappable battery technology that allows changing the battery in the middle of a call creating unlimited talk time. Unlimited talk time is new breakthrough technology never before seen in the industry. The Plantronics W745 wireless headset system features a 350 foot roaming range and up to 7 hours of nonstop talk time.

Jabra Pro 9470 cordless headset
Securing the third spot on our list is the popular Jabra Pro 9470 cordless headset that features a roaming distance up to 450 feet. Three in one connectivity allows connectivity with telephones, USB computers and Bluetooth mobile devices. The Jabra Pro 9470 is the first to include a built in LCD touch screen for switching through devices. Three wearing styles are included providing maximum comfort with over the ear, behind the neck and over the head to choose from. Created for high volume callers there is 10 hours of nonstop talk time and days worth of standby time. Whether talking in the call center or Skype the Jabra 9470 is secured on our top three list. Jabra’s new Pro and Go series wireless office headsets provide pure luxury and freedom with hands free technology. Cordless headsets are highly rewarding for anyone that talks on the phone throughout their work day.

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