Traffic Simulation Foretells Network Problems That May Be In Store

Computer networks are a critical component of today’s businesses operations, and there’s no sign that the corporate digital enterprise will become any less important in years to come. In fact, it’s almost a sure thing that our electronic infrastructures will only become more critical than ever to the everyday performance of business.

That means that business is investing a lot of its confidence in the electronic apparatus that makes up most corporations’ communications networks. From voice messaging to document exchange and rich media streaming there is hardly a critical function that business performs that is not somehow channeled through the corporate electronic spinal column that practically every business on earth depends on.

Implementing Testing To Prevent Potential Trouble

Business leaders have put a lot of faith in their electronic enterprises, and that in turn puts a lot of pressure on the people who maintain them to make sure that the networks functions in top form and can be counted on to accommodate a firm’s needs at any time of day or night, every day of the year. In order to ensure that a digital infrastructure functions reliable around the clock administrators must implement testing that will assess a network’s strengths and point out potential trouble areas that may cause service outages in the future.

One method of predicting both a network’s strengths and weaknesses is via conducting a SOASTA load test, which will simulate various volumes of traffic that your network must accommodate, and this can help point to areas that might at some time experience difficulties. Administrators can use the testing components to simulate higher-than-normal levels of traffic so that data bottlenecks and other difficulties will come to light.

Enter Mobile Applications

In all likelihood, with increasing demands being placed on corporate networks, a higher than expected quantity of data will likely have to be accommodated on your network at some future date, so it behooves you to experiment with network testing so that you can accurately predict how your network will behave when greater levels of traffic do appear.

Not only are desktop application placing more ambitious demands on the corporate network these day, mobile applications have become popular application in business and are typically the source of a large portion of a corporate network’s data traffic. To help monitor traffic coming from those sources it’s critical that administrators perform SOASTA mobile application testing to ensure that the many different kinds of mobile applications being used on your network are functioning efficiently and are not conflicting with your operating system or other applications being used on the network.

SOASTA load test provides service for CloudTest Performance Testing. SOASTA mobile application testing with TouchTest™ Technology allows real-time correlationg and analysis of data in order to find and fix problems.

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