Backup Your Files Today To Avoid Disaster

Backup Your Files

If there is one thing that people should do, it is to backup their files as they go. Unfortunately while computers and systems are generally highly helpful, they are also by their very nature quite unreliable. And even if your computer never breaks down, then there’s always the chance that they might get dropped, or stolen, or burned in a house fire…

In short you can’t account for every situation, but what you can do is use your common sense and take preventative measures.

Here is how to back up your files…

Physical Storage

It’s a good idea to back up your files on some kind of physical storage at least weekly. Physical storage means things like portable hard drives and things like memory USB drives. By storing some files on these things you will have something physical that you can use to keep your files safe. It could happen…

If you want something a little more portable to back your files up with then how about using your smart phone – which probably has a few gigabytes worth of storage, and you always have access to it.

However this isn’t entirely a suitable method for backing up all of your files, as you will find that it takes a lot of time to back up your files this way.

Online Storage

At the same time it’s also a good idea to look into online storage methods, and there are many of these you can use in order to keep your files safe. For instance it is possible to use online storage services that will back up all your files automatically when you connect, which is a great for the absent minded.

These dedicated backup services can be expensive. If you are a web entrepreneur then the files you will care most about backing up will be things like word documents and .HTML files – which are very small. You can easily back up these files by simply dropping them onto the server which you use for your website.

Meanwhile you also have a huge amount of storage that comes free with your e-mail. Google Drive provides 5 gigs of free storage, you could also e-mail your documents to yourself and then mark them as starred e-mail which will enable you to easily find them.

Free cloud services that you can use for backing up your files are iCloud (if you own an Apple product), Google Drive or DropBox.

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