Guide To Google Drive

Google Drive is a service for storage that is cloud based, with many analysts terming it to be long awaited, made available, quite obviously, by Google. It is said to be a replacement of Google Docs which will now no longer be available.

Google Drive will allow you to be able to store, share and access your files on this new platform, and the good thing is that it is available to the general public for free. With Google Drive, you get five gigabytes of storage at no cost, storing and viewing capabilities and also integration of this cloud service to other Google products such as Gmail and Google+.

So why should you use Google Drive? Well, it is seen that this cloud service is generally directed to those who already use other Google applications, and it can be seen to be a good way to complement those other services that are widely in use. For instance, if a you are a user of Google Play, and you buy a movie there, have some documents or even have got contacts on your Android smart phone, Google Drive would be a good place to have all these stored in one place for easy access.

Currently, there are other services available on the Internet that offer cloud computing, a concept that is relatively new. However, whilst it could be seen that Google would like to be part of this industry and offer competition to the likes of iCloud, Dropbox or SugarSync, it should be seen that the provision of other services by Google such as mail and the rest would seem to give Google Drive the edge over the rest, as users would find it to be great to be able seamlessly use the Google apps.

To get you started out on Google Drive, just head to and have the service enabled. For those who have used Google Docs, you would find that the interface is generally similar, and it is possible to perform such actions as creating files, folders, searching on the top bar and also dragging and dropping files into the window of the browser so as to upload files. A difference that you would note from its predecessor is that you can install a Google Drive app onto your desktop, and hence manage your drive from the desktop. This means that when you add a file to this Google Drive folder, it would also be uploaded to the Web drive, as long as you are on an internet connection.

An interesting feature that you would find in Google Drive is the capability to install third party applications, those that work quite well and without hitches with Google Drive. For instance, DocuSign is an app that you could install and use to sign official documents, while Pixlr allows you to edit photos that you have uploaded to Google Drive. Lastly, as an android user, you would be happy to note that a Google Drive app on android would soon be available.

Written by Julieth, Mezee Storage Solution @ chat rooms.