Reasons Why You Should Buy the New Ford Navigation DVD

If you own a Ford vehicle that was produced and manufactured in the last ten years, then there is every chance you might have the factory-installed navigation system installed into your dashboard.  Having this awesome extra means that you don’t need to spend additional money on a Garmin or TomTom standalone GPS and have the entire device designed neatly into your dashboard with no loose wires. 

Whilst you might save money on buying a physical GPS product, there is one expense to be aware of which is the fact that you will need to purchase map updates for the Ford system at least once a year.  By doing so you can be sure you have the latest and most accurate directions possible.  Should you buy the latest 2012 Ford Navigation DVD though?  Here are some compelling reasons that you will need to consider. 

There are New Roads Appearing Every Day

Your GPS maps will never be 100% accurate, because there are new roads and junctions appearing somewhere in the United States on an almost daily basis.  It might be a new new highway, or lanes getting re-prioritized – whatever the change is, it ultimately boils down to the fact that your Ford Navigation System is never ever going to be exactly accurate when coming across road changes… although you can go some way to mitigating those chances by updating your navigation system with the latest annual Ford Navigation DVD updates. 

Businesses Also Change Address Regularly

It’s not just roads though, businesses can change address frequently too meaning if you don’t update your maps you could end up in the wrong place, and have to ask for directions, or even never make it to your appointment on time or at all.  This is particular important for drivers that rely on their car for business – but could also be of great impact to people that drive long distances to visit family and friends in unfamiliar parts of the country. 

Ford Navigation System Updates Can Save You Money

This is not often considered, but there is some qualified rationale behind it.  By having the latest Ford GPS maps on your system you can actually save money too.  This is because the GPS will always attempt to route you and your car via the quickest or shortest direction.  The knock-on effect to this is that you will save time, money, and even start to reduce your CO2 emissions over time – meaning you have a better carbon footprint, save on fuel bills, and don’t spend as much time behind the wheel of your car.

Exactly How Much Can You Save?

There are even some figures that back this claim up.  In 2009, Navteq who are owned by Nokia, commissioned a study in Germany which showed that driver’s using an up to date GPS managed to save $200 Dollars a year in fuel, spent four hours less driving annually, and reduced their CO2 emissions by 20%.  So there are compelling reasons to update with the new Ford Navigation DVD whether you just want to make savings, or are environmentally minded and want to contribute to the global pollution issues. 

More Information on the Ford Navigation DVD

If you want to know more about how you can update your Ford Navigation System then there are a number of links that you should consider checking out.  Please click on one of the links below for more details, including links to where you can get the cheapest deals on Ford GPS map updates:

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