Anti Theft Gadgets For Travel

Anti Theft Gadgets for Travel

Whether you are traveling for business or for pleasure, the last thing you want to spend your time worrying about is theft. Few things are more upsetting than finding your valuables gone when returning to a hotel room or having your valuables snatched. These nifty gadgets use modern technology and old-fashioned trickery to keep your most valuable belongings safe while you are away from home.

Anti-theft Luggage

PacSafe makes several types of anti-theft luggage. Tagged with electronic sensors, you can track them no matter where they are with your smart phone or iPad. The sensor can help you track your bags if the airline loses them. It can also alert you if someone else picks up the luggage from baggage claim. The bags are designed specifically for business travelers, but could be useful for anyone who doesn’t need a larger piece of luggage.

Biometric USB Flash Drive

Gresso is a USB company known for high-end unusual USB flash drives. One of their latest creations is a drive that has a biometric fingerprint scanner to protect the information on the drive. If you don’t have the right fingerprint, you can’t open the files. The biometric system gives you the freedom to carry along sensitive information because you can feel comfortable that no one else will be able to access it.

Theft Defender Passport Sleeves

Many travelers are using passport cards rather than passport books today. The RFID technology embedded in the card allows you to read it quickly and easily by a radio receiver, which can take some of the hassle out of traveling abroad. Unfortunately, anyone with the right reception equipment can access the information on the card from a distance. Identity Stronghold makes passport sleeves contain an alloy that blocks the RFID chip so it can’t be read until you remove it from the sleeve.

Anti-theft MacBook Sleeves

Lightweight, slim MacBooks are easy targets for thieves. MiteMite makes awesome sleeves, cleverly designed to look like newspapers. Slip the sleeve over the laptop and zip it up and it looks as if you have a worthless newspaper on the seat beside you rather than an expensive MacBook.

Grab Guard Lock

Sometimes you need to set aside a bag or other piece of luggage but don’t have any way to keep it secure. Other times, you just want to eat in a restaurant without worrying about someone running off with your bag. A Grab Guard Lock lets you bind your bag to a secure location with a combination lock. The lock comes in bright colors, making it a highly visible deterrent to thieves.

Brief Safe

This one has to be seen to be believed. Masquerading as a dirty pair of underwear, the Brief Safe is actually a storage compartment for valuables. Can you just picture the thief seeing a nasty pair of poo-stained men’s briefs and cringing as he keeps rummaging around the room for something valuable?

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