Apps That Easily Turn Your iPhone Into a Musical Instrument

Music instruments are expensive, especially when you are on a tight budget. If you have an iphone you can easily turn your phone into a musical instrument to play around with. Some of the apps will even work with your iTunes library to “remix” your songs. Who knows, this could possible get you to Youtube stardom.

Even More Cowbell

If you are a Will Ferrell fan or a Saturday Night Live fan, this app is  definitely for you. Even More Cowbell works by simply tapping your iPhone screen or shaking your cellphone. It even syncs up with your iTunes library to add cowbell to all of your favorite tunes. What the even better part about this app? It's free!

Pocket Drums

Pocket Drums is a great app if you have an interest in playing the drums, well, with your fingers. A drum set takes up your screen and you can start banging away with the tips of your fingers. Even if you already play the drums, you can take this app with you to play the drums wherever you are. It beats playing with pots and pans and is much quieter. Plus, it's only 99 cents.

Virtuoso Piano Free 2

There's a million piano apps for your iPhone. Some you have to pay for, and some you don't. This app happens to actually be free and has pretty decent ratings. Just like Pocket Drums, you use this app to play the piano with your finger tips. Great for piano players, and someone that just wants to make some fun noises. Did i mention it's free?


Chordmaster is great for guitar lovers.  The app holds a collection of thousands of guitar chords for your references. You can even strum the iPhone like it's an actually guitar! The app isn't free but it offers several features that are useful for guitar players or people just looking to mess around with their phone. It's only $1.99, but it's cheaper than purchasing a guitar.

Pocket Shaker

If you like Even More Cowbell, this app is definitely a must for your iPhone collection. Your iPhone can be transformed into almost any percussion instrument with this specific application. It makes noise when you shake your iPod around. It's another free app. So download it and become a percussion master.

MixMeister Scratch

This app is very fun for pretending to DJ. MixMeister Scratch allows you to scratch music anywhere you go. This is another app that will sync up with your iTunes library. So if you have a versatile playlist, you can have a lot of fun with this app. Another reason it's great is because it's free. So there's no reason you shouldn't want this app.

Andrea Johnson loves music and is always adding tunes to her collection. She used to ask herself ‘where can i download free music,' but she later figured out the tricks to accessing music online.