The Top Notch Dell Inspiron 15R Series of Laptops

Dell is a recognized name worldwide, which continuously makes efforts to launch one after another masterpiece of products, in order to fulfill the demands and needs of every individual. The Dell Inspiron 15R laptops also depict its dedication, which were launched in April 2011. This is one of the renowned series for being affordable; having quick processing power and above all it is reliable. The Inspiron 15R have the option for its users to switch lids, which is considered a very cool option, as it does not bounds its users to carry their favorite laptop with one lid. Its users can express their style and taste by the lid they choose. The lids are available in different designs as well as in different colors.

Features of Dell Inspiron 15R

• Has the best processing power with the 2nd generation Intel Core processors i.e. either Intel Core i3 or Intel i5 is installed.
• Has a 15.6 inches Hi-def, LED display widescreen
• With SRS Premium Sound, everything can be heard clearly.
• 1.3MP webcam, Dell wireless 802.11b/g or Optical Intel Centrinor Wi-Fi, enabling you to connect to your family and friends.
• 7-in-1 Media Card Reader
• Has a battery life of about 7 hours and 58 minutes.
• Kensingtonr lock, HDMI, 10/100 Ethernet, USB Ports, headphone, microphone, DVD/RW Optical Drive.
• Intel HD Graphics 3000

Having a plastic body, but presenting a metallic look makes it very eye catching. Big track pad, full sized keyboard with a number pad, all are integrated properly, which makes the laptop look good. This series of Inspiron 15R is designed to attract the large community using laptops, especially for those, who consider the outlook of the laptop as their first priority.

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The graphics card installed in the Dell Inspiron 15R provides an experience to the users of sitting in a realistic background, because the screen displays lively colors, which makes playing games and watching videos or movies extremely enjoyable and also adds on to the Hi-def experience.

This laptops series has 4 USB ports incorporated and hence, you can connect multiple devices to it at one time. Two are USB 3.0; one is eSATA-combo port and the other one is HDMI port, which is installed to let you connect your laptop to TV screens and enjoy full on entertainment.

Inspiron 15R is one of the high-tech creations of Dell, the i5 processor incorporated makes it super speedy and the 6 GB memory helps in handling the operations easily. Moreover, the graphic processor is quite efficient that helps in running TF2 graphics on highest graphics settings.

Netflix movies and gaming is supported by the SRS Premium Sound, which is installed for delivering quality volume and ideal levels and bass.
The high definition webcam installed on this laptop, gives perfect output with 1.3 MP even in low light background. However, low priced laptops’ webcams does not give standard performance, but Inspiron 15R delivers out sharp and proper video in low light.

The Inspiron 15R laptop series are best suited for various purposes. It can be used for school assignments, everyday computing, travelling, browsing, music, business purposes, gaming, social

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