Your Gadgets Budget: Tech That You Need

Buying all the latest technology can get a little bit expensive, and especially if you like to have the top brands like Apple and the top specs. However while some of these devices might be unnecessary, and you certainly don’t always need top of the range devices, it is certainly true that spending money on computing is generally money well spent as it can greatly help you to save time and be more efficient in the long term. In fact if you run a business or are high up in a company then you can look at things like laptops and iPads as an investment, and you may actually be able to claim the money back on your tax return.

So which items and devices do you really need and which should you consider on your budget? Here we will look at some of the different items that you should really consider spending the money on. And if you can save money on these devices by claiming back tax, or by paying on finance, then that’s all the more reason to buy.


Having an ultrabook or a netbook if you don’t already is incredibly liberating and it’s something that everyone should have if they ever work away from home. This way you have a mini computer capable of doing almost everything a desktop computer can do allowing you to accomplish the same productivity and to browse the web – but at the same time it benefits from a long battery life and will fit in your bag without you hardly noticing a difference in weight.


Still though a netbook has to be on if you are going to benefit from it, and this means that you can miss important e-mails or be unable to work in tight spaces/when you’re short on time. Having a smart phone gets around these problems in multiple ways by enabling you to quickly access your device on the go without needing to sit down at a table, and this in turn means that you can get and respond to incoming e-mails, work with spreadsheets and word documents, and genrally increase your productivity several fold while also providing a better service for clients and colleagues.


A tablet might seem like something of an excess if you already have a smartphone and an ultrabook, but actually once you have one it quickly becomes apparent just how useful they are. The real benefit here is that you have a decide that enables you to interact with clients and take notes in a way that is intuitive, graphical and sociable. If you want to show a client a portfolio, or if you want to take notes while surveying a property, then the iPad is what you need. And it does need to be an iPad if you really want to impress clients.


If you don’t already have Sat Nav for your car then this is a device that will easily save you a lot of money and is well worth the expense. In terms of how much earlier you will arrive places and how many more people you can see, and in terms of how much less petrol you will use it will undoubtedly pay for itself.

Hi, I am Keith. While I own a number of devices, I believe that the four listed above make the core set. I bought a buy now pay later iPad recently and I love the new iPad.

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