4 Reasons to Go Mobile With Your Business

iPhone 4 Bumper + Universal Dock w/ DIY AdapterIn today’s day and age where technology rules all living forms (or so it seems), it’s becoming increasingly important to keep up with the times, even as business owners. Have you ever showed up to a meeting and been the only one without the latest version of the MacBook Pro and had everyone stare you down until you feel their eyes practically piercing your soul because you’re one step out of date?

I’ve had it happen before, and I’m here to make sure it doesn’t happen to any of you business owners. The new thing lately is mobile – everyone is “going mobile.” What does it mean? Well, it not only means that having a mobile version of your website is absolutely necessary at this point, but it also means there may be some benefits for you as a business owner to run your business completely wirelessly.


Perhaps the best perk of running a mobile business is that you can literally run it from anywhere in the world! That means that the trip you’ve been meaning to take to the glorious coastal Spain area – well, you can take that as soon as you go mobile with your business.

As long as you have access to a WiFi network, you can now access all of your important business data from just about anywhere in the world. Take caution, though – make sure the network you’re connecting to is always safe and secure before you run important apps or important data over the network.

But running your business remotely has never been easier in general. Now, wherever you go, with the help of things like iPhones and iPads, you can do everything you need to do for your job. It’ll be (almost) like you never left the office.

Make Your Own Schedule

Along with the whole flexibility of location thing, a business owner who runs their business entirely from mobile devices will also have the luxury of making their own schedule, all day, every day.

That means that if you have kids and they need to be taken to soccer practice, you can bring them, come back home to continue working, and go back later to pick them up. As with any work-from-home job, you have the wonderful flexibility of choosing the 8 hours out of the day for which you actually work – but the use of mobile devices has made conducting business at any hour of the day even easier than ever.

You can hold virtual meetings at 6:30pm in your pajamas from your couch. Similarly, you could be making your lunch while having a conference call in your kitchen at 12:30pm. The possibilities are endless thanks to mobile technology.

Mobile Websites Generate More Sales

Heading over to the more technological benefits of “going mobile” with your business, we’ll take a look now at some benefits of having an actual mobile version of your website itself for others to use.

A mobile version or your site is something that visitors on their own mobile devices will be more apt to use than a whole website that’s been squashed down into tiny print to fit on their device. People love to interact with mobile sites specifically built for mobile – and it can lead to more sales, too. Happy visitors = happy customers.

Users Will Trust You More

When a mobile user logs on to a website and sees the tiny mashed up version of their large site, they often leave right away, thinking, “How far behind the times can they get?” People view these sites as out-of-date and they leave.

But with a mobile website, your visitors will put more trust in you. You’re obviously up to date, and you’ve put in the effort to build your mobile site, so what matters to you matters to your customers, as well.

If you haven’t gone mobile with your business yet, it’s a good idea to do so, both with a mobile version of your website and running your business wirelessly using mobile devices. Both aspects have their unmatched benefits that more and more people are beginning to tap into – so don’t be left in the dust!

Megan Willis is a freelance writer who loves studying up on technology, especially mobile technology. She recently found NQ Mobile on Reuters, which inspired her to write this article about going mobile with your business!

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