5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In An Interactive Kiosk For Your Business

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The world is fast paced and in business, one may be left panting trying to keep up with all the advancement emerging with each passing day. The increased opportunities come with increased competition making one have to finding better strategic marketing networks and try to fit into a niche.

In such an environment, imagine an employee who works day in day out regardless of the season, performs the duties of customer service, advertising, information provision and as a sales agent. They further assure you they will work for you without any hiccups along the way for up to above five years and you do not even have to pay them. They require no employee benefits, insurance or pension scheme but require some minimal amounts in upkeep.

With labor costs for some businesses, being the greatest expense this is beyond their wildest imagination. It is possible and no, I am not talking about a slave but an interactive kiosk!



The technology of the kiosk

At the mention of a kiosk, one's mind goes to the public kiosks you see in train stations or airports. These public kiosks are designed to simply provide information or enable simple transactions such as printing out a ticket or allowing admission into a restricted area. If thinking along those lines you are on the right path but the public kiosk you have in mind is comparable to a landline whereas the interactive kiosk is like a smartphone or tablet. With it, the possibilities are endless.

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The kiosks we all know have been remodeled. They now come with touch screens opposed to a display and a keypad, have great user interactivity features, can store vast amounts of data, support a wide range of applications and you can even have it customized to suit your business despite specificity. Although they will pinch your pocket in the initial cost of installation and customization, they are worth the investment and you do not have to wait for several months to get the returns.Air France "Quick" Check-In


 Round the clock business

You get to enjoy making sales all day all year round as long as the machine is in working condition. Customers can get information select and finally purchase your service or product from the kiosk. You can have a kiosk in your business premises and another in a public area slightly removed from your area to increase your market targets. Customization enables you to get a machine that deals with all kinds of your transactions enabling customers to make fast and easy purchases


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Increase customer satisfaction

Your clients leave feeling happy with the service and such are sure to be loyal to you. Kiosks increase customer satisfaction through various ways such as the attractive and easy display they interact with, the ability to get real time information on all ongoing process and some customers just prefer having little human interaction.

Eliminate purchasing barriers

Sometime customers fail to buy a product not because they do not want it, but due to the many processes, they have to undergo before the purchase. A kiosk eliminates purchasing barriers such as making a long queue at the counter.

At times, a client may be taking too long with the salesperson or the store has a huge influx unbalancing the ration of employees to clients. A customer in a hurry, as most are is able to make a purchase at the kiosk in a matter of minutes. This means you make more sales per day increasing your profits.

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Reduce expenses

Self-serve Delta missed-flight kiosk, Noplace, USA, Atlanta, GA, USA.JPG

A kiosk performs many functions otherwise performed by a number of employees. By utilizing it, you get to reduce on labor costs whilst increasing the efficiency of performance. This does not mean you can get rid of all your employees as you cannot do without the special ability of human touch but it allows you to remain with a minimal efficient number.

Management of your business becomes simpler.  Its ability to handle several software and applications means you can use the same kiosk to perform functions done by another computer such as checking inventory and updating your database.

Advertising revenue

It also provides the perfect opportunity to advertise related products. If a customer purchases baby food, then you can get to inform them of other wonderful baby products you have that they did not know about. You can gain revenue from other people's advertisements. You can link up with several related businesses and create backlinks to each other to increase your client base.

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