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Android phones are rampant. Especially since the launch of the Motorola Atrix, nearly all carriers in the United States offer one if not several Androids. The sky’s the limit when it comes to choosing one – but despite how widespread they are, lots of people aren’t quite sure whether or not the Droid is the way to go.

Making the decision on which type of mobile phone you purchase depends primarily on what kind of features suit you best. Here are five of the top perks users have access to with the Droid:

1.Extra space – while other phones typically offer a screen size of 3.5”, the Android’s screen can be 4” or larger, leaving you more room to view movies, play games and most importantly, to view entire web sites in one fell swoop rather than having to scroll through them, which can be pretty annoying to some.

2.Personality – A great feature of the Droid is the easy customization. The phone offers more options for personalizing a home screen, adding live widgets for quick access to updates on popular social networks like Twitter and Facebook, and other sites that offer RSS feeds.

3.Better Photos – A camera with 8 megapixels is the feature that takes the spotlight here, since other phones typically have cameras with only 5 megapixels.

4.TV Compatibility – Most Android phones feature HDMI ports for playing HD video on your biggest plasma-screen, while most other phones do not.

5.Storage – You can increase your storage easily with a removable SD card with an Android – users who are insatiable when it comes to music, videos and Apps find expandable storage space a must-have.

Android accessories play a key factor in user’s decisions to purchase one, too – simply because there are so many of them. From antennas and belt clips to speakers and styluses, the list is never-ending. And when it comes to protection, these phones lack nothing. Droid cases, skins, cradles…take your pick, there’s a way to protect your phone from everyday wear-and-tear no matter how crazy your day can be.

Given the wide array of options and features with the Android platform, it’s no wonder why it has become the major contended in the mobile phone industry. Despite Apple having a stronghold on the mobile phone industry, Android is quickly becoming a favorite among many consumers and with good reason.

This guest post is written by Dave Bensley. Dave writes for Consumer Priority Service, an extended warranty company that provides extended warranty options for appliances and consumer electronics.

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