iPhone 5 expectations

It comes without saying that the new iPhone is loved by millions globally. It is safe to assume that the numerous owners of past generation iPhones are greatly anticipating the release of the iPhone 5.

iOS 6:

Even before the launch of iPhone 5, Apple released iOS 6 Beta with vastly improved features and taking SIRI to the next level. iOS 6 beta 2 has fixed some major bugs that were present in beta 1. Industry experts say that once iOS 6 is complete and ready for launch, it will be launched along with iPhone 5.

iPhone Hardware:

Since tying up with LiquidMetal, experts are anticipating a complete makeover of the appearance of the iPhone. LiquidMetal made a breakthrough sometime back when they developed a metal alloy that can molded in to single complete piece. So in iPhone 5 we can expect a single skeleton as opposed to many metal parts providing it a streamlined appearance.


Battery life has never been the strength of iPhones, however experts feel that Apple might come up with a superior battery (though there might not be a change in the battery type). The sleeker phone might as well help to increase the battery life further.

Screen and Resolution:

iPhones never tried to compete with mobiles with larger screens, and it is unknown if there will be an increase in the screens dimensions, but many fee that it will be slightly larger in iPhone 5. With the tie up with LiquidMetal and opting for a new skeleton they might as well go for an edge screen. With so many complaints about cracked screens and busted screens Apple is trying to greatly increase the strength of the screen, so you can expect a complete makeover of the screen and especially the screen strength.

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