iPhone Apps That Feature Outrageous Daily Deals

These days every penny counts wen it comes to finding the best deals. Here are some great apps to help you save big while you shop, travel, or just browse for something new. These free apps are certainly going to save you money.


Groupon features activities and services at incredibly low prices. Most recently, they've included a “Goods” section that features different products that have also received temporary price cuts. You can save a lot Groupon. My most recent purchase was Nickelback tickets for 60% off. Groupon customer support also generally responds within 24 hours when you email them. They listen and do everything in their power to meet your needs. I've contacted them after having problems with a Groupon, and they refunded me. So if you're not satisfied, they will help you.

Living Social

Living Social is one of Groupon's competitors. I do like Living Social just as much, but I've never actually had to contact customer service for any specific needs. They feature specials that include the activities and events just like Groupon. Living Social even features select products too. One interesting trait of Living Social is that they have an “Adventures” section where they host different adventures for Living Socials to partake in together. This can include camping, wine tasting, or even white water rafting.

Seize the Deal

Seize the Deal is a competitor of Groupon and Living Social. Although the market for Seize the Deal is much smaller than its two competitors. Seize the Deal generally features a handful of deals a time, opposed to Groupon and Living Social that have pages of deals. Again, a deal is a deal, so take advantage of what Seize the Deal has to offer.


Avid cellphone users will love this application. App-o-Day provides users with free apps that normally cost money. It generally features games, so if you love trying the latest games this is a must-have application. You'll never run out of entertainment if you continue to download from the app each day.

Pulse TV.com Deal of the Day

This Pulse app features deals on select products. Generally these are the “as seen on TV” type deals, but you can find some neat stuff on the application. An interesting part of the app is the “Call to buy” option so you can directly call the company to purchase your item. This is great for people who are not comfortable making purchases through the internet on their phone.

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