Working Online? Six Reasons You Should Hire a Virtual Assistant

For all the benefit of working for yourself online, there is one major disadvantage. And that is the lack of co workers to delegate to. Virtual co workers however can be found in the form of virtual assistants. While it can take time to find a reliable one, and even more time to find a really great one, a solid virtual assistant is an asset that no internet entrepreneur should be without. If you are currently working online without the assistance of a VA, here are six reasons why you should seriously look into hiring one.

Do Only What You Love

If you own an online business, blog or partake in any other kind of online money making venture, chances are you started out doing something that you love. Unfortunately, when you work for yourself, core tasks are not the only ones that need to be performed on a daily basis.

For example, if you are a blogger, writing great posts alone is not enough. You also need to moderate the comment section, work on your SEO and market your content via social media. Few bloggers take much pleasure in these additional tasks and would really like to be able to offload them onto somebody else. Hiring a virtual assistant allows you to do exactly that.

Work Fewer Hours

Flexible hours is something that is enjoyed by most people that work for themselves online. Such flexibility usually applies to when they work however, not how many hours. Unfortunately, many internet entrepreneurs find themselves working seven days a week.

Such seven day weeks are not only a major scourge on ones social life, they are also a scourge on ones productivity and general levels of creativity. Finding a reliable and trustworthy virtual assistant can solve this problem in an instant. Shorter days and even shorter weeks await you.

Access to a Wider Skill Set

The average virtual assistant has a pretty limited skill set but you don't need to hire an average virtual assistant. There are virtual assistants that specialise in just about every area of online enterprise. You can find virtual assistants skilled in social media marketing, SEO, web design, content creation and just about everything in between.

This means that VA services can not only make running your online ventures easier, they can actually make those ventures more profitable. This is because they can allow you to no longer be limited to your own areas of expertise.

The Time to Expand

When you work as a one man show, you can only do so much. Together with the help of freelancers, virtual assistants can enable you to do so much more. If you are a blogger, the right virtual assistant can help you to post more often or even set up a second blog. If you own your own online business, hiring a virtual assistant can allow you to liaise with more clients, handle more orders and spend more time focusing on the direction of your business.

A Way to Share the Load

A great virtual assistant can at times feel like your partner in crime. Working for yourself comes complete with quite a bit of pressure and the more than occasional never ending day. While a virtual assistant cannot tell you how to run your business, he/she can greatly reduce your workload. And when you are getting snowed under, there's something about knowing that you can pass some of that work onto somebody else that's great for keeping the pressure off.

Virtual Assistants Don't Cost Money

Finally, as you might have noticed from reading this article, hiring a virtual assistant can lead to you making more money. And when you combine increased profits with the low cost of the average virtual assistant, you are left with one very important fact. Many people that choose to hire a virtual assistant find that doing so doesn't actually cost them money, it makes them money. And this fact leads to one other very important question, why don't you have your own VA?

This guest post was written by Tom Koh, a blogger and internet marketer with several years of experience in marketing big and small brands. Tom recently posted an Alexa ranking list on his blog, compiling such lists is a task that you can easily hand-over to a competent virtual assistant.

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