5 Benefits of Utilizing the Cloud

cloud computingCloud computing: a term that many have heard, few actually understand what it is and why it is so great, but most already use (some without even knowing it). For starters, the term “cloud computing” refers to hosted storage and computing over a network taking place over the Internet.

It sounds like it might be a little risky, but in fact, there are so many benefits to utilizing cloud computing services that they highly outweigh any of the small risks there may be. If your business already has, or is even considering, cloud computing, you'll want to read these reasons why it's such a great option for any business.


It's easy to globalize your business when you utilize the cloud, because anyone, anywhere can essentially access the information that your business hosts on the cloud. Now, that's not to say that it's easily accessible to just anyone, but those who have the proper access information to your cloud can utilize it wherever they are as long as they have an Internet connection.

It's a safe way to allow people involved in your business to access the information that's important in your day-to-day operations easily wherever they are. It's a great way to expand a business and potentially open new offices worldwide, all at a very low cost.


Most cloud service providers also offer great options for backing up the information that you store on the cloud. The cloud itself serves as an excellent backup for any internal servers your company may already be utilizing, but even the information that you send to the cloud gets backed up, and it's all very easy to do.

Many virtual servers allow you the option of taking a “snapshot” of your computer at a given time or date, and storing that information so that if something gets lost or broken on your network in the future, you can revert back to that snapshot to recover what was lost. It's just another form of protection for your business' information that's easy, convenient and of course great to have in the event of an emergency.


A cloud network is very inexpensive in comparison to an internal network. All you really have to purchase is the server, and that is a one-time, initial charge that you may not have to make again.

Only your business can decide how much space they will need on the cloud and therefore how much hardware to purchase. Or, if your organization chooses not to purchase its own hardware, there are of course cloud computing services that provide the necessary amount of storage that you're looking for, and it still is incredibly inexpensive.


The other cost-efficient benefit to utilizing cloud computing is that it is completely scalable, so your business literally only pays for what they actually use. And it's not that it's a situation where you use up your allotted space on the cloud and have to wait for payment to go through or wait for more space to become available – it can be an immediate change when you need more space.

This means that you're not paying for anything that you don't need, and you've only paid for the hardware necessary to run your own cloud network, saving you a significant amount of money in the long run.

Ease of Set-Up and Use

A cloud network is relatively easy to set up, especially for an in-house IT department if your business has one. This means you won't be paying tons of people to come in and specially install your new network – it can be handled by your own department.

Using the cloud is easy – all you have to do is access it. Once you have access to your business' cloud, your information will be available on-demand instantly when you ask for it. Plus, if you choose to change up anything about your cloud network, that's easy to do, too. It's super convenient for those fast-paced businesses that just don't have time to deal with IT issues, and even those that do.

Nora Dyer is a freelance writer who works in the IT field.