Apple Devices Becoming The Norm Among Young Children

I always said I would never cave in and purchase an Apple product. After all, I’m an Android girl. But last Christmas I had my mind changed. I have two pre-teen children. And those two children convinced me that they just couldn’t live without an IPod touch. I already knew that it didn’t stop with just buying the device either. You need ITunes cards and IPod cases too. The basis of their argument was that they had IPod day at school once a week during music class and they were the only ones on their classes that didn’t have one to bring in. Now, when I was in school I hardly ever had anything that the other kids had. Not because we were poor, but because my parents just didn’t think my sisters and I needed to be like everyone else.

Thinking back on those years of enduring the ridicule of my own classmates made me realize that I just couldn’t put my kids through the same thing I went through. Just because my parents were stingy and old fashioned didn’t mean that I was, too. In fact, I like to think that I am the opposite. Kids can be so darn cruel and I could only begin to imagine what my daughter and son had to go through when they just sat there watching their friends whip out their shiny music playing devices.

I let them talk to me and tell me what each of them felt about the subject. And what they told me broke my heart. So, of course I gave in. At first I tried to convince them to get the Android version of IPod but that didn’t go over so well. If it wasn’t an IPod, it wasn’t wanted. I guess I understood that to some extent.

So, a few weeks later, about two weeks before Christmas I found myself at Best Buy standing in front of a display of IPods. Which one did I want to get them? The latest and greatest? Last year’s model? Well, with the help of the overly friendly Best Buy associate I decided on my purchase. I walked out of the store with two brand new, shiny, black, IPod Touch Gen 4 devices. Don’t ask me what any of that means because I still to this day do not know. Of course I also bought two ITunes cards, and two IPod cases to go along with it. Did I buy the insurance? Of course I did! They are kids after all!

Turns out when they went back to school after Christmas break and had their first IPod day, all their friends were impressed. See, they all had last year’s Gen 3 model. My kids, who went forever without even having one and were made fun of for it, went from being laughing stocks to being the cool kids in class. I will give myself a pat on the back for being such a rocking mom!

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