Do You Still Need a Photo Book?

In this generation of digital technology when pictures are all digitalized and can be stored as soft copies, do you still need a photo book? Photographers still want to have their own photo books published, despite the digital age we now have. Artists know that having their photos printed will give them a sense of credibility and opens doors for curator, museum, and public recognitions.

In the same manner, people who have photo collections still need to have photo books because it becomes easier to browse pictures in it. Photo books or photo albums does not require you to open your software to view your photos.

Why Do You Need Photo books?

People before use photo albums to preserve and compile photos. During that time, it becomes easier to access the photos and you have a real time memorabilia. With the rise of the digital world, almost all pictures are stored in the computer. Nevertheless, photo books are still the best way to have your memories stored. Besides, printed pictures cannot be corrupted or damaged by computer malwares and viruses.

If you need your photos to be compiled in a photo book, you may visit mixbook at In mixbook, you can create your photo book easier than any other sites. Start by uploading your photos and begin customizing your own photo book.

There are a lot of pre-made themes to choose from or you can create your own template. You can also fully customize your photo books by making use of cropped photos, various fonts to suit the theme and others. In mixbook, it is specifically limitless when it comes to creating your published photos. Mixbook is also concerned with the quality of your photos so they use archival-quality silk 100 lb paper. They also include full wrap covers to protect your photo book. You also get to choose from various book sizes either in hard or soft covers.

Advantages of Photo Books

Specifically, having a photo book is of great advantage than just posting your pictures online. Advantages include:

  • It’s a lifelong memorabilia

Your computer may get corrupted, your online files may be accidentally removed, but your photo book can last over 200 years as long as the prints are of great quality. Printed photos are still necessary because you may never know when your digital files will get destroyed especially with the rise of various spywares, malwares and viruses circulating over the internet.

  • It’s a great coffee table book

Photo books can also serve as a coffee table book, which you can browse any time. Your visitors may also enjoy sharing your memories as they look into your pictures.

Aside from mixbook, you may also visit Snapfish at for great photo book designs. Snapfish offers cheap, but greatly designed photo books; nevertheless, you may use for cheaper prices.

Manufacturers would not make photo books or photo albums when we do not need them. Having these on the market clearly depicts the need to store your memorable photos in printed forms. Also, photo books are good ways to print your pictures better than having your photos placed on photo albums because you can actually customize the designs and themes of your printed pictures.

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