How To Choose A Tablet For Your Business

Tablets have become quite affordable these days and come with better features and usability. Although still lagging behind conventional desktops and laptops on several features, it does come with one great advantage- Portability. This fact makes it a big hit among people who commute for long distance; spend long time outdoors or just like to watch a movie sitting in a park under the tree.

Businessmen always want to be up to date and don’t like to be left behind in any race, including technology and hence there is a surge in use of tablets in Business applications. It is however harder to select the perfect business tablet as there are greater demand in business world as compared to normal use.

Some points to take in consideration to choose the perfect business tablet PC are:


A business tablet cannot be slow and unreliable. Hence make sure that your business tablet does not compromise on processor speed and RAM. Make sure you get nothing less than an Nvidia Tegra 3 quad core processor or an Apple A5X dual core processor. A minimum of 1 GHz Processor will make sure that your applications are executed fast and smooth. Also the RAM (Random Access Memory) plays a big role in executing applications and you must aim for something around 1 GB RAM or more.


If your business requirements are confined to spreadsheets, word documents and other data, then you don’t need much internal memory. On the other hand if you deal with lot of videos, images etc. then you need to seriously consider the memory storage. Tablets generally come with 4GB internal memory to 64 GB and are sufficient for general office work. On the other hand if your memory requirements are higher, then consider buying a tablet which supports external memory card.

Operating System

Unlike computers, changing Operating System on a tablet is hard if not impossible. You have to stick with the same operating system and wait for updates on it. Andriod, iOS, Windows 7 etc. are some of the operating system which are quite reliable and widely used. Try the operating systems and make sure that you are comfortable with it before you buy the tablet.


Some tablets come with attachable keyboards (like Asus Transformer Prime) while you get the option to use a Bluetooth keyboard with some. If you are into heavy typing jobs, then consider the various keyboard and mouse options available to you and make the choice accordingly. One advantage tablets with attachable keyboards have on other tablets is that you can easily type on it even while on commute.


Connectivity is very important while choosing a business tablet. Some of the connectivity options to take into account

1. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Almost all tablets come with Wi-Fi for internet connection. However still make sure that it is included in you tablet. Similarly Bluetooth is necessary for data transfer between devices and is generally available in all the tablets available in the market.

2. 4G LTE

Move over 3G, 4G LTE is the new leader in mobile internet service. Having 4G LTE will makes sure that you are connected to internet even if you are not in a Wi-FI zone.

3. USB port

A USB port can come handy in many ways including adding an external keyboard, external memory storage etc. Tablets come with mini USB, standard USB and no USB options. Having a USB port for business use is however recommended.

4. HDMI port

You can directly load presentations via your tablet if there is a HDMI port available in it.

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