5 Free Apps for Your Money

With the economy as it is, keeping track of your money has never been more important. What better way is there than to have your finances at hand while you're on the go? These 5 apps will ensure you always stay connected and even better than that, they're free!


Mint takes the confusion out of managing your personal finances by using straightforward terms and easy-to-read visuals to help you track your spending habits. Do your banking at more than one financial institution? No problem, Mint can easily connect to each of your accounts regardless of whether they are checking, savings or credit card accounts. One of the most convenient features of Mint is that it allows you to set budgets for specific expenditures such as restaurants, entertainment or groceries. To keep your information safe, Mint is fully password protected.

Available on: iPhone, iPad, Android & Android Tablets

Personal Capital

Personal Capital's mobile app offers many of the same features as does Mint including linking to accounts and tracking spending. It also ads to these features by offering seamless money transfer as well as the ability to connect with a financial advisor. With its unique Universal Checkbook feature, you can send checks even when you don't have your checkbook on hand! By inputting a few details, Personal Capital will take your information and mail or email a check to the specified recipient within 5 business days. Additionally, the unique ability to schedule FaceTime appointments with a financial advisor makes managing your finance as easy as it could possibly be!

Available on: iPhone, iPad


If you send money online or make eBay purchases, chances are you've already heard of PayPal. But did you know that they now have a mobile version of their money transfer service. The PayPal mobile app has nearly all of the features that you would find on your internet PayPal account as well as some new and exciting ones. For instance, App users can very soon use their smartphone as a portable credit card terminal with the free mobile card reader. This will greatly benefit merchants who do their business on the go – and their customers, who can search for businesses using this technology straight through the same app!

Available on: iPhone, Android, Blackberry (Note: mobile card reader is available for iPhone and coming soon for Android)

Adaptu Wallet for iPhone

Although not as user friendly as some of the apps mentioned above, Adaptu Wallet makes up for this by adding features such as business card storage where users are able to add business and banks cards simply by taking a picture with the phone's camera. Adaptu stores all of your information under high-level security, making it just as safe as keeping it in a physical wallet.

Available on: iPhone

Bloomberg iPhone App

Bloomberg's Financial planning app is targeted towards those with a deeper interest in their finances and offers features to help track more detailed aspects of your finances. By offering clear graphics to track stock portfolios and market data, you have access to your own finances as well as the world’s markets at your fingertips. Additionally, you can select from many different news feeds ranging from commodities to currencies to keep on top of the day's trends. Bloomberg however does not offer some of the more basic features such as spending tracking that the previous apps do.

Available on: iPhone, iPad, Android & Android Tablets, Blackberry, Nokia

Don't get caught without the information you need to make that vital business transaction or easy money transfer. Try them all and pick which one suits your lifestyle best!

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