The Future of Sniper Games

Many people enjoy playing sniper games all year long. While sniping games may be fun on a computer or television screen, the future offers a lot more excitement for gamers. The following article explores how Google Glasses may change the face of future war games and sniping games.

It’s hard to get involved with a computer or video console sniping game when all the action takes place on a monitor or television screen. Since these forms of games can’t offer an individual a high level of immersion, it can be difficult to implement a deep strategy into one’s gameplay style. In addition, sitting on a couch playing video games for a long time isn’t the best choice for maintaining one’s health. 

In the future, it may be possible to enjoy sniping games as an augmented reality experience. Instead of having the action take place on a computer screen, it may be possible to have the action take place in the real world.

Google Glasses is a project that aims to integrate wearable computers with a digital heads up display. While this technology is still in its infancy, it holds lots of potential for the world of gaming. 

For example, imagine experiencing the thrill of a real-world paintball game with lifelike war game graphics. By overlaying images onto the real world, it may be possible for an individual to experience a gaming experience like none other in his or her life.

Imagine visiting an abandoned factory in real life. You and a few friends activate your Google Goggles gaming pack. After putting on the Google Goggles, you select a co-op sniping game to play. Within seconds, you see virtual characters running around the factory. While these characters aren’t real, the images of them are overlayed through the Google Goggles to make them appear realistic. Since an individual can travel around this virtual world, he or she can interact with it in ways that aren’t possible with a normal game.

For example, it may be possible for an individual to crawl along the ground in real life to avoid a virtual character in a video game. Since the character will be programmed to interact realistically with the environment, this can be a great way to experience gaming on a whole new level.

While this technology may be exciting, it’s probably not a realistic prospect for the next few decades.

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