The Top Ways To Personalize Your iPhone

One of the downsides that people often cite about iPhones over Androids is that they are more rigid in their design and that they have less customization. Whereas with an Android you can install different ‘launchers’ that essentially change the whole appearance and function of your phone, when it comes to using iPhones you are rather stuck with using the stock appearance. You can’t do anything to alter the formation of the grid that’s on each page, you can’t add widgets, and you can’t change the theme.

However while this is indeed a drawback for some, there are still ways that you can add customization to your iPhone and make it more ‘yours’. Here we will look at some of the things you can do to make your iPhone more unique to you.

The Wallpapers

Of course the most obvious change to your iPhones you can make is to the wallpaper. There are plenty of great websites and apps that give you high definition wallpapers to download and any of these will make your phone more personalized and more obviously yours. You can also use a different wallpaper for your lock screen which will be more visible thanks to the absence of icons all over the screen. Unfortunately there are still no Live Wallpapers for Apple devices, but the high definition will somewhat make up for it if you have a good image to use.


Of course you can also change your ringtones and take this further to set different ringtones for each person. Not only can you listen to your favourite tunes then for your calls and texts, but you can also know whose calling by using songs that you associate with those people.


You might not be able to change as much of the software on your iPhone, but there are a wealth of ad-ons and peripheries you can choose to alter the appearance of your iPhone from the outside. For instance there are many cases you can get for your iPhone that will change the look and feel of it immensely – are you someone who needs a brick case so your iPhone can survive a nuclear explosion or do you like something prissy and pink? You can even make your own iPhone cases in a number of ways – by using specialist companies that will print off your cases for you, or even by using 3D printing which will enable you to model a case that’s the precise shape you want and that has any features you might like such as a card holder or a kickstand. This way your iPhone will be completely unique and you’ll certainly never get it confused for someone else’s.


But if these admittedly rather basic personalization options aren’t enough for you then don’t worry – as if you are willing to jailbreak your phone then you get access to many more options that will allow you to change the number of icons on your screen, change the theme you use, change your keyboard and even change your notifications to your heart’s content.

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