5 New IOS Games Just Released

Even though Android is doing its best to beat iOS, the App Store is still bigger than Google’s Play Store, holding about 700,000 apps against Google’s 675,000. Among those 700,000, everyone can find an app according to his/her taste, be it games, ebooks or social media apps. But the problem is that many users prefer to download only old and well-known apps and rarely want to try something new. That’s why this list is here – if you’re tired of all those popular games (like Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja) everyone knows about, you can try one of the listed below. They’re all new and recently released, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy them.

1) Mikey Shorts
Mickey Shorts is a Mario-style platform game that has basic graphics and a simple style of gameplay. On first glimpse the game can come across as a bit second-rate, but after a few minutes of playing you soon discover it is a fun and very addictive game. Plus you can choose and customize the looks of your character, which is also very nice for such a game. It’s available at iTunes for $0.99 and it’s definitely worth trying.

2) Gasketball
Gasketball is a shot-matching basketball game that is similar to H.O.R.S.E and allows you to create your own shots and challenge friends to complete them. Away from frustrating the hell out of your friends, you can play a single-player mode with over 100 levels on four worlds. And it’s all for free.

3) Horn
This Infinity Blade-style game has been receiving quite a lot of hype prior to release and is one of the most visually stunning games to appear on iOS in some time. The aim of the game is simple: you must free your fellow villages from a curse that has turned them all into monsters. The great thing about this game is the ability to roam-free. The game is available for $2.99, and its interesting gameplay and great graphics are worth it! And it won’t empty your pocket especially if you’ve bought your iPhone with a two-year contract.

4) Gems with Friends

Gems with Friends is the latest social game from Words with Friends makers Zynga. The fast-paced puzzle game involves combining colorful gems together and is much easier to learn than it is to perfect. The arcade gameplay requires strategy and speed as you directly challenge your friends. Gems with Friends makes it possible to have 20 games in action at one time! Apple’s iTunes offers it for $1.99..

5) Puzzle Craft
Puzzle Craft is one of the most notable games to appear on iOS in recent months and excellently combines town building with match-three strategy. You will control the entire population of a town and help them to build a new settlement by farming, mining and collecting taxes. You resources are boosted by matching tiles. A really clever game. And only for $0.99.

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