Take Your Game To The Next Level With The Latest Golf Gadgets

Everyone knows that golf is the most expensive sport in the world. Think of all the money you have spent on clubs, balls, tees, clothes, and even gloves. Single gloves. And that’s not taking into account your memberships and special outings. Maybe even holidays abroad to some of the best courses in the world. All that stuff is great. You work hard so you should be able to spend your money on anything you want. But have you thought about things you can buy that you can use when you’re away from the golf course?

Nowadays, with technological advances there is some pretty neat things you can buy that means you get to play golf wherever you are: home, office, airplane. It doesn’t matter because you just need to turn on your phone and it’s there ready to play. But because there’s so much of them you don’t want to get left with a dud. Well now you don’t need to because we can go over all the best ones right here to help you decide what’s best for you.

V1 Golf

Have you even wondered how your shots compared to PGA golfers? How can they be so good when you aren’t exactly setting the golfing world on fire? Well with the V1 Golf app you can do just that. The app records and analyzes all of your shots: drives, irons and putts. It then compares your swing against those PGA golfers you so desperately want to emulate. They say you have to copy the best to play like the best. You might now have the chance.

Rules of Golf

If golf is a great love of yours that’s great, but if you don’t yet play to a high standard you might not know all the rules and regulations. If you are only used to hitting the ball about on a local course it may be a wise decision to know your rules when you rock up to a higher quality clubhouse. You might save yourself some major embarrassment.

Golf Shot: Golf GPS

GPS technology has brought so much to the golf course. If you are one of those people who isn’t yet in on it you better hurry up. Don’t be left wondering why everyone is shooting better scores than you when it’s as if they somehow know the layout of the course. With Golf GPS you can now know everything from where the hazards are, to how far away you are from the hole.

Tiger Woods 12

Tiger Woods has always been the greatest golfer and his game is the exact same. When you download the game you will never be more than an arms length away from the golf course. Just whip it out anywhere and you can play golf whenever you want. In the new game you can play in every competition imaginable against some of the greatest golfers in the world. What’s not to love?

Golf Genie Practice Drills PRO

This app is more practice than fun. That’s great news if you are looking to improve your game, and unless you’re Tiger 5 years ago, that’s all of us. There’s a lot of different practice drills you can use here and they even let you add them together to make your own personal training plan. You even get the proper corrections when you do something wrong so you’re always getting better.

Golf Digest Tips Plus

I’m guessing you have read the magazine before? If you love golf then you should have. With this app you get some great golf tips for every possible situation. It will improve your score if you take your time and try to include the tips in your game. Or you can just read them when you’re bored.


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