Video Posts, Six Reasons To Stop Writing And Start Recording

Most bloggers spend quite a bit of time each day hunched over their computer trying to type something clever. Most bloggers will admit that this occasionally gets a little tiring. Unfortunately however, those posts aren’t going to write themselves. And without posts, you don’t have a blog.

One solution to this little conundrum is to talk more i.e. to stop typing and start recording. Video posts are slowly rising in popularity and if you’ve got the face to be a talking head, you might find that they are a bit of a game changer.

Video posts are not only a lot easier to create, the well made variety can do wonders for a blogs personality, and hence its profitability. Should you be considering getting the camera out, here are six rewards that you can expect to reap.

Your Competitors Don’t Use Them

Unless you’ve somehow managed to find yourself a niche devoid of competition, chances are your blog has quite a few competitors. And if you’re a professional, you probably know just who those competitors are. Take a look at them, do they use video posts?

Chances are, your competitors, like most bloggers, communicate with their readers exclusively via the written word. If you’ve been looking for a way to stand out from the crowd, you’ve just found it.

They Can Get You Onto YouTube

Despite the ridiculous popularity of a certain video sharing site, most bloggers are noticeably absent. The reason is simple, YouTube doesn’t accept text based posts. The day you start video blogging, this ceases to be a problem. And as if by magic, YouTube and its traffic are yours for the taking.

You Don’t Have to Type!

Regardless of how much you like writing, there’s only so much of it that you can do before you start to get that tense look on your face. Video posts allow you to update your blog without a single minute spent slaving over a keyboard. Should you be encountering a fit of writers block, they are therefore the perfect solution.

Your Visitors Don’t Have to Read

Though it might be hard for a blogger to believe, not everyone is a big fan of reading. When you start to add video posts to your blog on a regular basis, you are opening up your blog to such people. In doing so, you are greatly increasing your blogs potential reach. You are also targeting a demographic that very few other bloggers are targeting.

Some Topics Are Just Easier to Explain

Text is generally the medium of choice when it comes to explaining something somewhat complex. When it comes to large amounts of data, video simply cannot compare. But not all topics require large amounts of data.

Some topics are simply easier to explain with video. If you are a fan of tutorials and generally educational blog content, you should be a fan of video posts. They are known to make some topics both easier to understand, and easier to teach.

Personal Branding Benefits

Finally, there is the small matter of personal branding. Faces tend to be a lot more memorable than names and if you add video posts to your blog, you’ll get a chance to put that theory to the test.

Most blog marketing experts recommend including a photo of yourself on your blog. Why not take it one step further and add a video?

Chris Murphy is an established marketing expert working for web design Newcastle – an organisation specialising in providing quality SEO and PPC services. 

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