3 Best Home Improvement iPad Apps for Homeowners

Apple can easily claim that iOS is perhaps the best mobile operating system. Although it faces stiff competition from Android and the newly released Windows 8, iOS continues to be the industry leader. A key reason why the iPad is so popular is the versatile and ergonomic nature of iOS. The reason why iOS works as well as it does is the variety of apps available on the iTunes store. To get the most out of your new iPad 4, it is imperative to have the right aps installed. Thankfully, the iTunes store always has something for everyone. If you are a homeowner who takes an active interest in home maintenance and DIY projects, these are the 3 best apps you should install on your iPad 4:

Dream Home

Before you can embark on any kind of DIY or renovation project, you must have a good idea of what you want to do. If you don't put enough thought into the design process, you will end up with a room or project that will be very unsatisfactory, even if you did a great job on it. Scrounging for design ideas can be quite a tedious affair. That is where the Dream Home app comes into the picture. The app features images highlighting the latest trends from leading interior designers. Whether you have a house or an apartment, you can be sure to find a treasure-trove of design ideas, including photos submitted by other users. Simply tap and save design ideas so that you can view them later offline.

Photo Measures

Any kind of home improvement project depends upon accurate measurements in order to be a success. While taking measurements can be accomplished easily, jotting them down in a sensible manner is anything but. You need to take a number of measurements in the room and trying to make sense of them later on can be a massive challenge. Photo Measures is the ideal tool for taking down measurements and not getting confused what each measurement represents. Simple take a picture of the room and jot down the measurements directly on the picture. You can also export the files in JPEF or PDF format so that they can be e-mailed or printed out.

Home Savvy

The best way to keep your house looking good is to carry out regular maintenance. It is important for every homeowner to have a proper maintenance schedule. Home Savvy provides a number of tools to make the maintenance scheduling process a lot easier. Simply enter in details about your house and the app will generate a custom maintenance schedule. The app also has a reminder feature that will alert you whenever a maintenance project is scheduled. Are you one of those homeowners who are never sure when to have the gutters cleaned? No problem. The app will make recommendations based upon the season and let you know what seasonal maintenance needs to be carried out.

All iOS devices have a history of being extremely efficient and the iPad 4 will continue in that tradition. Install these 3 apps on your new iPad 4 and let it help you out in all your home improvement, renovation and maintenance projects.

Berett Johnson is the author of this post who works with a company providing Gutter Replacement in Melbourne. He also provides suggestions on the latest adavancements in technology to make your home improvement easy and fun.

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