3 Innovative Technologies That Keep Your Car Safe At The Airport

Ready for take-off?

Nobody likes to leave his or her car unattended for long periods of time, and airport parking is no exception. Valet and secure parking options do exist, but if they are unavailable or unfeasible, travellers are often left with no other choice but to park their cars in the main airport car park, unattended for the world to see. Luckily, car parks have come a long way in the last 30 years. No longer are airport car parks hot spots for break-ins and car thefts, thanks to a range of innovative parking technologies keeping your car safe and secure. Next time you visit the airport, catch your flight safe in the knowledge that these technologies are keeping thieves away!


Close up of surveillance

Although a common sight in airports, shopping centres and government buildings today, CCTV is still one of the most effective deterrents against car theft that airport car park operators have. However, unlike in shops, footage is not simply recorded and then played back to police in the event of a crime being reported. Security personnel monitor CCTV screens 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and then use secure radio technology to contact guards on the ground to apprehend offenders.

2. Xandem TMD Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are typically found in sci-fi and crime films, and an airport car park is the last place one would expect to find them. However, when implemented correctly, motion sensors can be surprisingly effective in deterring car park crime. Airport parking customers are among the most predictable in the car park industry. Generally, they will arrive planning to keep their cars in the one place for 7 days, for example, and then arrive back exactly on the 7 day mark. Therefore, should a thief attempt to steal a car at the 3 day mark, for example, a motion sensor is able to detect the early unauthorized exit of the vehicle being parked and alert security guards accordingly.

The Xandem TMD is one of the most sophisticated motion sensors available for car parking purposes. Car parks are often very dirty places, and are prone to dust and dirt, causing false alarms in most traditional motion sensors. However, the new technology incorporated in the Xandem TMD is resistant to dust and dirt.

3. Ciscor Parking Sentry

Not only can car parks be hot spots for car theft, but their relative isolation can make them physically unsafe for those who use them. Ciscor Parking Sentry’s Wireless Panic Alarm system solves this problem by allowing frequent users of an airport car park to press a panic button located on a special pendant, alerting security guards to a potential problem and focusing CCTV cameras on the general area of the person who activated their alarm.

Car parking technology has come a long way since the days of paying an attendant at a boom gate to exit a car park. Not only has payment technology improved, but security technology has as well.

Richard Collins is an avid tech-blogger who often shares his experiences with the latest electronic gadgets launched in the market. He runs a consultancy that renders cheap parking Melbourne airport services.